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Common renovation problems for homeowners

A common issue homeowners face is running late or over budget on a renovation project. It is easy to miss schedules or overspend when constructing or renovating a property.

Here are examples of reasons why this happens and some tips on how to try to avoid this problem:

  • Planning permission – Usually, when looking to extend and renovate your home, you will need it. Applying for development permits or licenses depends on where you live and the extent of home development you want to undertake.
  • Planning permission can make you wait for approval to start work or reapply because of restrictions.

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  • When plans need to be postponed, this results in delays to the renovation projects.
  • Not hiring the right trade professionals for the job – There are many professionals needed for the job when it comes to property renovation and expansion projects, from architects, builders, plasters and plumbers, electricians, and interior designers. Making sure you recruit the right person for the job can become an overall process, and the risk of hiring ‘cowboys’ or ‘rogue’ traders can be daunting. For a reliable Electrician Cheltenham, contact a site such as https://www.blu-fish.co.uk/electrical-services-cheltenham Be confident in choosing legitimate professionals with the right credentials and experience.
  • Underestimating costs – A budget is significant for any renovation project, and it’s essential to be realistic and honest with yourself rather than being idealistic when setting a property renovation budget. It is also a good practice to leave emergency funds of around 20% to cover any surprise costs that crop up.

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  • Using the wrong material – Using faulty or incorrect building materials can cause various problems that can also impact other aspects of the renovation project.
  • Often there are so many choices related to various types of materials, and making lousy information choices can mean the difference between being on time, on a budget, or running behind schedule and suffering excessive expenditure for the budget.
  • Taking on too much DIY – For some homeowners who want to renovate, doing the work itself is an attractive choice and allows them to control costs and quality; however, they can get in over their heads with more work than time or skills allow for.
  • Doing things that are wrong and unprofessional can eventually slow down the entire project, and in the end, you can spend more time and money for a professional to repeat what you have tried to do yourself.


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