Imaqtpie Net worth, Biography, Girlfriend or Wife if married

Michael Santana, otherwise called Imaqtpie, is an American League of Legends player who resigned in 2014 in the wake of playing expertly for a full-time profession in gushing on Twitch. Proficient player of the Dignitas group since 2011. With in excess of 2 million supporters of Twitch, he is one of the best League of Legends characters on the web. Imaqtpie has had extraordinary accomplishments as a Twitch streamer, and it’s not out of the question that individuals need to realize this man better. Here we have accumulated data about the player’s life for your understanding delight.

Imaqtpie’s life story


Imaqtpie was conceived in the town of Margate, Florida, to her folks Jose and Maria Santana, on 21 February 1992. By birth, he is half Cuban and half Colombian. From portraying his mom as delightful, he got his epithet, Imaqtpie. Otherwise called qt pie and qt, the expert player is the most youthful in a group of three. He has two more established siblings. Andres and Jose Jr. From his beginnings, he was at that point an energetic onlooker of TV, keeping his eyes on all the channels connected to nourishment. all the more especially the nutritious trench. Imaqtpie went to the Coral Springs Charter School. After graduation, he proceeded with his examinations by going to Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. At college, he considered natural sciences as a significant.

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Young, he began playing, specifically SOCOM US Navy SEALs lastly League of Legends. He attempted League of Legends when it turned out in light of the fact that he was allowed to play. After some time, he turned out to be increasingly positive about his playing abilities. Discussion about ingenuity! Empowered by his companions and supporters in the wake of communicating his longing to turn into an expert, Imaqtpie framed Oh God Bears in 2011. He moved to California to have the option to satisfy his obligations as a player, at that point to the home office of League of Legends of Riot Games makers. Keep Reading code geass season 3

Imaqtpie started to partake in neighbourhood competitions, winning commendation with its victories. This was called attention to by Scarra, author of the Rock Solid group, who enrolled him. He joined Rock Solid in April 2011 as an AD transporter. The Dignitas group purchased the group in September of this current year to enter the League of Legends, getting Imaqtpie, Scarra, and Voyboy. After a month, the group won in front of the rest of the competition in Atlantic City IGN ProLeague (IPL) season 3, beating Epik Gamer 2-1 in the last and winning a group prize of $ 10,000. In 2012, the group won in front of the pack at the San Francisco Curse Invitational and won a group grant of $ 20,000.

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Later that equivalent year in September, the Dignitas group set second North Dakota in the North American provincial finals of season 2 at PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington. They lost to Team SoloMid in the last yet able to take an interest in the Season 2 World Championship in Los Angeles. The group put forth in the customary season in spring 2014 and was not able to take an interest at the end of the season games. Imaqtpie later said in a meeting that the group’s absence of accomplishment was because of the players’ longing to have a great time instead of contending.

Group Dignitas reported in October 2014 that Imaqtpie will leave the group. On a video blog posted on his YouTube channel, Imaqtpie clarified that the explanation behind his retirement was that he liked to mess around with companions for entertainment only instead of for rivalry. On the telephone, Imaqtpie began cooking after her break from games.

A girlfriend? If married, who is his wife?

Imaqtpie GF

Imaqtpie is hitched to long-lasting sweetheart Lisha Wei. The two men met through the OKCupid dating application and began dating before long. Following two years spent between the two lovebirds, they wedded in an unexpected wedding in July 2018. The wedding drew online consideration, on account of Imaqtpie’s decision of outfit for this occasion; a shirt and shorts. The couple at present live in California.

Another web-based game player, Lisha Wei, is notable on Twitch as Owolisha and, by August 2018, she had increased more than 30,000 supporters as a live streamer.

Imaqtpie net worth

Imaqtpie has a consistent online follow-up on his Twitch record, and he noticed that his folks are exceptionally glad for his profession. His Twitch streams are assessed to acquire him a yearly compensation of $ 2 million. It is worth well over a million dollars.


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