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The best way of repairing a phone screen

To all or many, it has happened to us. In an oversight and without noticing you drop your cell phone and suddenly your beautiful screen is shattered to pieces. Although now there are many options to repair them, here we will detail the cheapest way of repairing a phone screen.

And it used to be a bit more complicated to find a reliable place for repairing a phone screen, but the market is moving so fast that now there are more and more places.

Given that the cell phone market is very extensive, for practical purposes this time we focus on the repair of broken screens of Samsung Galaxy Cell phones and Apple iPhone, being the two best-selling brands and models and, therefore, popular

On the other hand, many sites that fix broken screens of Galaxy also repair screens or displays of other models of Android phones, so the information about the repair of cell phones will be useful for all types of cell phone users, since it will give them an idea about the prices that are currently charged for changing a broken screen .

The options for repairing a phone screen

When your phone goes down and you have to find a way to repair the screen, you basically have four options.

1. Go directly to the manufacturer to repair the screen. In the case of Samsung, it’s Technical Service Center is excellent. The attention is the first level and they check the cell phone status right there. Depending on how busy you are, it can take up to an hour to change the screen. Although one might think that the price charged in this Samsung Technical Service Center to repair a broken screen is very high, the truth is that it is quite competitive. You have to take your phone to check the serial number and give you a quote. It’s worth doing.

Apple, meanwhile, does not have cell phone repair, unlike the United States. Beginning with the fact that  there is no Apple Store, which are the official stores of Apple, but only Mac Store and iShop, that although they are official distributors, they only offer minor fixes for the iPhone, such as cleanings by water damage on your cell phone (which by the way are very cheap), or software reviews.

This is because they do not distribute the original spare parts. Your solution to a broken iPhone screen is to apply a policy where they take your broken iPhone on account of taking a new one. In the case of iPhone 6, for example, you would have to leave your phone broken and pay a difference of $ 6,500. Of course, you will take a brand new iPhone 6.

2. Find a trusted location in the Center. Eje Central is full of locals who do this if you have the stomach to do so, as there are plenty of stories of people who stole their cell phones. However, there are many other places that are reliable and quite effective, since you can change the broken screen of your cell phone in a matter of a couple of hours, and many offer to do it in front of you, which is a good sign. One that we can recommend is ECEL.

repairing a phone screen

3. Mix Up. Recently the company now has a Technical Service area, although only in some branches such as Santa Fe Shopping Center, Plaza and University and Plaza Satellite

The service, yes, is a little slow. It takes 4 to 5 business days to repair a broken screen, although they do offer a 3-month warranty.

The prices to repair a broken Samsung Galaxy screen are $ 4,500, for the Galaxy S5 and $ 5,000 for the Galaxy S6. The prices to change an iPhone screen are cheaper. For example, changing a broken iPhone 6 screen costs $ 3,500.

4. Go to one of the many established cell phone repair companies. Last but not least, today there are many independent and well-established companies dedicated to changing broken cell phone screens. Many of these even send original spare parts from China. Prices usually are very good; In fact, this is usually the cheapest way to repair the broken screen of your cell phone.

A company that we have already used in Parentheses, and that we can recommend, is Movil-tech. Ivan Martinez, the CEO of Movil-Tech, has a lot of experience in mobile phone repair and the service is excellent and extremely efficient. They have branches in Insurgentes, Cuauhtemoc and Roma Norte, but also offer home delivery. You can change the cell phone screen in less than two hours without leaving your home or office.

The prices to change a broken screen of Samsung are $ 3,000 for the Galaxy S5 and, although they did not have screens available for the Galaxy S6 when we speak, sure when it arrives it must not surpass the $ 4,500, same price that they charge in Mix Up to change a broken screen of Galaxy S5.

In the case of the iPhone 6, the most recent Apple model, the prices have just come down and now it only costs you $ 2,800 to repair the display, that is, change it for a new one.

As you can see, repairing or fixing the screen of your cell phone is something easier, with many options to choose from.

It is important to know that when a model is new, the prices of the screens are very high, in addition to that it takes time for the parts to arrive. So it is very convenient that, at least in the first months of using a new cell phone, be very careful, since changing a broken screen can be very expensive or complicated , while the longer it passes since its launch, the prices of the broken screens of the different models are becoming cheaper and more and more.

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