Thefts to Be Aware of and How you Can Protect Yourself

Something that is a huge worry, and that many people unfortunately experience every year is theft. It is a crime that can leave you feeling violated too, as things that belong to you are taken off you, as well as the fact that someone has been able to have access to your private areas of your life.

There are many different types of theft but being aware of the main ones is important as this can help to arm you with the right knowledge that could help you to combat these types of theft. Being aware of them is part of the battle – here are a couple of types of theft that you may be at risk from, and how you might be able to protect yourself from it…

Data Theft – This is something that has been on the increase over recent years, as thieves get better and better at stealing data from their unwitting victims. There have been many stories, where people have been duped by authentic seeming text messages and emails that have then led to them handing over personal details to criminals who then went on to raid their bank account.

It is also a problem for companies, and it is important to be aware of the scams that are going around, what you can do if you think it is a scam and also ways to guard against it, such as this cybersecurity risk management from

When you think you are being scammed or have been the victim of a scam text or email, then reporting to Action Fraud is something that you should definitely do in the first instance.

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Christmas Burglaries – Being burgled is always devastating – not just because people have taken things that belong to you but also because the feeling that someone has been in and intruded on your home is something that causes a lot of upset. It is particularly important that you remain vigilant against burglaries around Christmas time, as this is when many thieves will strike. The dark winter nights as well as the fact that there are lots of valuables presents inside under the tree, and of course the fact that many people will be out around Christmas, at parties and visiting friends and family. This all makes it the perfect scenario for a burglar.

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Make sure that you tighten up any security in areas of your property where it might be needed – look for places that are not overlooked or allow the burglar easy access – broken fences are one example of a spot that a burglar can use to access your property. Things like security lighting can also be a great help, as it can illuminate any darker areas. Alarms are also a good way to deter burglars from trying to access your property, as are cameras – even things like Ring doorbells can provide a security aid.

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