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The best natural remedies for nasal congestion

The nasal congestion is a very common symptom we have all experienced at some point. It is a most annoying situation, but luckily it usually disappears after a few days.

Do you want to treat this congestion naturally? In this article, we tell you the best natural remedies for nasal congestion. In a short time, you will stop having symptoms!

In addition, we offer you all the information you need about nose congestion: what it is, why it is caused, how to avoid it … and much more!

What is nasal congestion?

Nasal congestion is a very annoying situation that makes our nose feel “covered”. This congestion makes it more difficult to breathe, so it is common to appear in seasons such as spring or winter.

This congestion not only covers the nose, it can also cause annoying snoring and produce throat irritation. It is usually a usual situation during a cold, although it can appear chronically.

It is considered a symptom rather than a pathology itself, so these annoying situations will usually fade soon. Rhinitis, an inflammation of the mucous lining of the nose, can also occur.

Symptoms of a stuffy nose

Although nasal congestion is already a symptom in itself, it usually appears accompanied by the following:

  • Entanglement of the ears
  • Headache
  • Snoring
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue

Why is the nose congested?

During nasal congestion, the membrane of the nose becomes inflamed, but not by excessively accumulated mucus.

There are many causes that can cause this congestion, although it usually appears due to a cold or sinusitis. Some pollutants and irritants, allergies or sinusitis can also cause these symptoms.

Next, we tell you the most common causes for a stuffy nose!

The colds

It is the most common situation for which a nasal congestion appears. This inflammation is one of the most common symptoms during the cold.

The allergies

Another of the most common reasons why there is a congestion of the nose. There are many types of allergies that can end up inflaming the nose of the sufferer.

In these cases, the congestion appears when the lungs try to close to fight against those external agents that produce allergy to the body. Sneezing can make the difference between allergy and cold in these cases.

The climate changes

When the climate changes abruptly it is normal that our health and our defenses are affected drastically. For example, it is common for a cold and congestion to appear following an unforeseen airflow.

The best way to prevent climate changes from producing this lowering of the defenses is to be prepared for the time ahead. Although it is clear that it is inevitable to avoid certain things, yes we can take umbrellas if there is rain forecast and be well wrapped when it is going to make bad weather.

What are the best natural remedies for nasal congestion?

Although it is always convenient to go to a medical professional, there are many good home remedies for nasal congestion that can be good allies. Next, we tell you which are the most popular!

In the case of remedies that use vapors to relieve the symptoms of congestion, be very careful when putting them into practice so as not to burn yourself!


As we have explained on other occasions, garlic is perfect to improve the health of our body in general. For that reason, peeling a clove of garlic to chew directly will help control mucus.

Repeating this process before going to sleep will help the decongestion disappear much faster.

The eucalyptus

Inspiring the vapors of eucalyptus oil is also a good way to deflate and decongest our nostrils.

Sea salt

Mixed together with a glass of distilled water, sea salt can be a great ally to breathe better if you apply the mixture in the nose with the help of a dropper.


Although not the most common remedy, horseradish once liquefied and mixed with water can help relieve symptoms. All you have to do is drink the mixture once a day for a week to notice its effects.


One of the most traditional and common remedies to fight the cold, and the most effective! The steam from the hot soup will decongest and deflate the nose, and the soup itself will keep the body hydrated.

The hot water

Warm water compresses are also one of the most traditional ways to decongest the nose. Applied to the nose and sinuses for about five minutes, they are perfect for relieving symptoms.


The tomato juice, next to a clove of crushed garlic, is perfect to alleviate the first discomforts that we feel. Drink it as is and notice how the situation improves little by little!

The mallow

The tea made with mallow, along with a few drops of propolis is also perfect to decongest the nostrils and make us feel much better.

The Mint

As with the mauve, the mint is perfect for making a tea that relieves our symptoms, but we can also use steam to decongest the nose.

The vinegar

If you mix a little vinegar with water and heat it with a clove of garlic, you will get a perfect remedy to breathe the fog and decongest the nose. Do not inhale vapors for more than 5 minutes.

Flax seeds

You just have to inspire the smoke that these seeds emit when they burn for a few seconds to help alleviate the symptom that this inflammation of the nasal membrane produces.


Drink grated ginger mixed with water about three times a day, and notice the improvement soon! Discover here more information about ginger.


Mix a little apple cider vinegar with a teaspoon of honey and a glass of water. Drink the mixture once you have rested for a few minutes.


Like the other herbs on this list, chamomile can also help you improve the symptoms of this congestion. You can drink up to three cups of chamomile a day, but it is not convenient to exceed.

The black pepper

Black pepper is one of the best natural remedies for nasal congestion. It is a very good solution that you can consume in different ways if you want to decongest the nose. You can try for example by adding it to your common diet, like your soups, although pepper powder can also be useful.

Black pepper, boiling in the water, can be good vapors to improve nasal congestion, always taking care not to burn yourself.

You can also try mixing black pepper with a little turmeric, lime and water to create a paste that you can apply externally on the affected areas. Allow the mixture to dry and wash it properly, preventing it from coming into direct contact with the sun.

 natural remedies for nasal congestion

How to do to decongest the nose?

Although there are a host of home remedies that help treat nasal congestion naturally, acupressure is a very simple technique that is increasingly put into practice.

All you have to do is put pressure on the sites listed below to notice an improvement; performs this process about three times a day.

  • Massage the ear lobe first
  • Press directly on the cartilage behind the ear lobe
  • After this, massage between the nasal bridge area and the eyebrows, where the nasal sinuses are located
  • Now massage gently under the cheeks, pressing up and releasing
  • Finish the whole process by massaging the lower part of your nostrils, with a gentle movement in rotation

Natural treatments for nose congestion

Although a professional doctor is the one who can most advise you on what treatment to follow and what natural remedies can be useful, it is a good idea to know everything that can help us to combat nasal congestion.

At the moment aromatherapy is very fashionable, not only to clean the nostrils but also to relax and improve our general state in full. Next, we tell you how you can use the scent of essential oils for your benefit!


The adequate inhalation of certain vapors that emit some essential oils can serve as a natural treatment. As we have said throughout this article when it comes to putting into practice techniques that use steam it is very important that we take great care not to burn ourselves.

There are many scents that you can use to decongest the nose, although the most common is usually eucalyptus. Even so, it is also very fashionable to use alcafor and coconut oil and you can even mix these essential oils with a clove of garlic. There are many oils to choose from!

Tips to avoid nasal congestion

Although everyone at some point may go through a nasal congestion, this does not mean that it cannot be avoided.

Next, we give you some tips that will be useful to control congestion, and relieve it if it has already occurred!


It is convenient to reduce the maximum possible consumption of dairy products since they are related to an increase in the production of mucus.

The pool

Avoid going to the pool as much as possible, since chlorinated water can irritate the nasal mucous membranes. In the case of being congested, it is very important to avoid chlorine.

Menthol ointments

Although ointments with a menthol odor can be considered a good idea precisely because of the smell of mint, it is not convenient to use them as they could increase irritation.


The best way to avoid congestion is to keep our body hydrated. Drink lots of water, but also drink juices, smoothies, soups …

Vitamin C

Just as it is important to hydrate, it is also convenient to have a diet rich in vitamin C that provides us with enough defenses to fight colds.

Avoid tobacco

Tobacco and alcohol do not benefit our health, so it is convenient to avoid them to avoid congestion.

You see the doctor

As soon as you notice symptoms related to congestion of the nose, it is advisable that you go to a professional who can recommend the appropriate treatment. It is very important especially if the headache is not stopped and there is an excess of mucus.

Avoid certain medications

Certain decongestant medications can be more negative than beneficial, since overuse can increase nose congestion.

Use pillows

If you want to avoid a more congested nose it is advisable that you sleep with raised pillows that help you control excess mucus.

Use humidifiers

Humidifiers are a very good way to avoid dryness of the nose, so it is advisable to use them often. Click here to buy them at the best price.

The hot baths

This advice is convenient to follow once the first symptoms begin to appear, such as fever or general malaise. The hot water will reduce all body discomfort, as well as help, improve the condition of our nostrils.

It is not convenient to stick long showers, with a few minutes is more than enough to notice these beneficial effects.

Dry your hair

Related to showers and baths, remember to dry your hair properly once you have washed it. Not drying your hair will increase the risk of lowering your body’s defenses and the appearance of a cold.

Saline solution

Saline solutions are a very common solution that you can buy in specialized stores and pharmacies and they will help you to fight the first symptoms of a cold and the subsequent nasal congestion.

These saline solutions, which you can also produce at home naturally using sea salt, will help prevent dryness of the nose. Using the saline solution three times a day will help hydrate the nasal passages and prevent inflammation and mucus.

Those were the best natural remedies for nasal congestion that I thought will treat you perfectly.

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