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Examples of challenging behaviour

The ways in which challenging behaviour can be exhibited by somebody there is from individual to individual.  it can be difficult to deal with but there is help at hand if you decide to undertake Challenging behaviour training like that from it will help give you the confidence to deal with people when they start to show the following kinds of symptoms.

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  • Challenging behaviour can be shown through physical violence towards people.  This can be a number of ways from hitting out to kicking but also includes biting as well as throwing things that can be found lying around.
  • Because whatever surprise to find that other aspect of challenging behaviour is that of verbal abuse that is probably being directed towards you or others in the room.
  • It’s also fair to say that challenging behaviour can include the person  injuring themselves.  they will attempt to hit themselves with their own fists or other things they can find around them.

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  • General disruptive behaviour, such as annoying other classmates or trying to pick fights with others in the room is  also another example of how challenging behaviour can be manifested.
  • Someone with challenging behaviour  has no due care and respect for anything that doesn’t belong to them in the room that they are in and they will seek to break things.

Above all it must be remembered that challenging behaviour is actually a form of communication.  it is not necessarily an intentional act by the individual.

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