What are the first symptoms of pregnancy
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What are the first symptoms of pregnancy and how they appear?

Are you noticing some strange changes within your menstrual cycle and do you think it could be the first symptoms of pregnancy? One of the questions most often asked by a woman when she is not sure about the pregnancy is: what are the first symptoms of pregnancy and how do I know if I am pregnant before the delay? And although you cannot know for sure, yes there are symptoms that can be visible from the beginning.

Symptoms of pregnancy as such usually do not appear until a few weeks after conception. The process is very slow at first, and as the body changes, the main symptoms of pregnancy become noticeable.

Today we are going to see what these symptoms of pregnancy are, how they manifest from the beginning, and from when you have obvious pregnancy symptoms that can help you to know with certainty. Just listen to your body and notice the first effects of pregnancy, because there is no one who knows you better than yourself.

What are the first symptoms of pregnancy

What are the first symptoms of pregnancy?

From the first moment in which the ovum is fertilized, the woman’s body begins to notice some changes that show pregnancy. At first, they are very mild, but there are some cases in which they can become more noticeable, even the first week.

The first symptoms of pregnancy can begin to be noticed before the date on which the menstruation had to take place. However, many women can confuse the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome with the first symptoms of pregnancy, which are already evident before the delay of the rule.

The form of manifestation of the first symptoms of pregnancy will depend on the level of hormones in the blood. Even in the same person, in different pregnancies, the symptoms may vary, since the hormonal level is not always the same.

But, what are the first symptoms of pregnancy that can be noticed from the beginning? We are going to see them one by one so that you can also detect them.

Which are the first pregnancy symptoms?

The symptoms of pregnancy before the first lack can be made more or less noticeable according to each woman. If you are very attentive to the changes that are taking place in your body, you will be able to notice even the symptoms of pregnancy of a week that have a slight manifestation.

First symptoms of pregnancy before menstruation

The changes that occur in the woman’s body in the first days after conception can be notorious in some cases. It is in the conception when the symptoms of pregnancy begin, but it is necessary to pay much attention to differentiate them from other discomforts.

Before the delay of menstruation, hormone levels have changed drastically in women, and are much more potent than those produced with premenstrual syndrome. Especially if you are trying to get pregnant, you will certainly notice them, because your body responds easily to these changes.

What are the first symptoms of pregnancy

Symptoms of pregnancy in the first week

In the first week is when you begin to notice the pregnancy. It is a very subtle change, and usually occurs as the typical menstrual discomfort, but if they coincide with an episode in which you could have become pregnant, you will be able to notice them.

You will notice how hormones make you change your mood, going from being very happy to feeling depressed on the same day. Also notice how the chest begins to swell and harden, as well as small abdominal cramps and a more prominent belly.

You can start to feel more tired, with some discomfort and dizziness, as well as a headache. If with these discomforts of pregnancy you also notice that your skin becomes more oily and shiny, it is possible that you are already pregnant.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the second week

The symptoms of two weeks of pregnancy are still very similar to those you notice when your period is coming. It is in this week when the implantation of the already fertilized ovum takes place inside the uterus, and it is normal that here you notice some stronger cramps.

When the symptoms of pregnancy appear in the second week, we felt as if the rule would come, even if it still does not touch us. These first symptoms of pregnancy before the first miscarriage can be exactly the same as those of menstruation, or even stronger.

Keep in mind that at this stage the uterus is preparing to house a baby, and the changes are so significant that it is impossible not to notice them from the outside. You will notice more gas and changes at the stomach level because all the symptoms are usually centered in the gut area in the week of implantation of the ovule.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the third week

While the pregnancy symptoms 2 weeks may go unnoticed against any pregnancy test, when we arrive at the third week we can already make sure we are pregnant or not.

After having spent at least 15 days from the fertilization of the ovule, which is already safely stored inside the uterus where it has been implanted, it is when we can get a pregnancy test and that a true positive comes out.

In addition to the possibility of having a pregnancy test, there are other symptoms that can help us detect the changes that are taking place in the woman’s body.

In the third week, the so-called implantation bleeding can occur, very little abundant but quite characteristic. You may also notice abdominal swelling with gas and gut pain, increased breast volume and sensitivity, as well as more desire to go to the bathroom to urinate.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the first month

After spending the first few days of pregnancy, and once you arrive at week 4, you can be sure whether you are pregnant or not. At this point, if you have not had menstruation and you’ve been noticing changes in your body, it’s time to take a pregnancy test to corroborate it.

It is in the fourth week or the first month of pregnancy when we notice the delay of the menstruation, and all the first symptoms of pregnancy begin to become notorious. The most common pregnancy symptom in the fourth week is increased the sensitivity of smell, which often comes from the hand of nausea and vomiting.

The level of hormones in the first month of pregnancy is already so high that the body undergoes very noticeable changes. The estrogen and progesterone are higher, and produce physical changes to vaginal and chest level, which make pregnancy more than evident. Have you noticed that the skin of your vagina and the nipples are darker? Well, you may already be 1 month pregnant.

What are the first symptoms of pregnancy

How to know what are the first symptoms of pregnancy

Implantation bleeding

It consists of a slight bleeding that usually appears in week 2 or 3 of pregnancy, as a few droplets of pink or very light brown, lasting a few days. It is the bleeding that occurs when the fertilized egg implants in the walls of the uterus.

Increase in basal temperature

At 15 days of pregnancy, you can also notice the highest basal temperature. This temperature should be measured first thing in the morning, in total rest, before getting out of bed. If it increases a minimum of 0.5 or 1ºC with respect to the usual temperature of the woman, it can be pregnancy.


The nausea of pregnancy is every day in some women, and in others, they do not even get to appear. They are caused by the increase of hormones that destabilize the digestive system of women, around week 4 or the first month.

Changes in the breasts

When the symptoms of pregnancy begin, you can notice the harder and larger breasts. It increases sensitivity, a symptom very similar to that which occurs with menstruation, but which can be noticed differently in case of pregnancy if attention is paid.

Abdominal pain

If you want to know what the first symptoms of pregnancy are, you have to notice the differences in your body. If you notice something the first few days of pregnancy, it is certainly a pain in the gut. The belly is more swollen because the uterus is increasing in size, and can cause typical discomfort of menstruation.

The difference is that they are pains milder than those of the rule, and are not accompanied by significant bleeding. Discover here the causes of abdominal pain:

  • On the right side
  • On the left side


When you notice that you are pregnant, the hormones have a negative effect on bowel function. They cause intestinal peristaltic movements to slow down and may cause constipation from the first week.

More sensitive smell

Another indication of pregnancy is the increase in sensitivity of smell. If you do not know what are the first symptoms of pregnancy are, then the smell could be the best clue. It is the sense that develops the most, being able to cause from the first month the dreaded nausea when an odor is detected as unpleasant or too intense.


How to know about a pregnancy during the first days? All you have to do is look at the pregnant woman’s face. The skin of the face looks radiant, with more shine, but with the passage of the days they can clog the pores and end up acne appear.


The increase of gases is also another of the first symptoms of pregnancy associated with changes in the intestine that occur from the first week. The belly is more swollen, with a tendency to accumulate gases that cause pain and discomfort.


When the nausea of pregnancy begins, you also usually notice some dizziness and feeling of light vertigo. Hormones lead the blood pressure to decrease.


The alterations in blood flow that begin to occur after the first month of pregnancy can also cause intense headaches. In addition to hormones, it also influences stress in most cases.

Humor changes

Mood swings are perhaps the most common change in all women. Few have to be free of these early symptoms of pregnancy. You can go from joy to sadness in a matter of minutes, for no apparent reason, and all due to hormonal changes.


The last of the symptoms of pregnancy that makes us realize the new state irrevocably is the lack of menstruation. It is one of the clearest signs when the rule does not come on the date you played, and also the perfect time to get the confirmation pregnancy test.

If you notice any of these early symptoms of pregnancy, and you think you can find yourself in a state of good hope, do not hesitate to make sure you get a urine test at home or a blood test at your doctor. The sooner you know it, the better you can control pregnancy, whether or not you want to be a mother. Now you know what are the first symptoms of pregnancy are and how they appear.

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