Men’s style for women

Today, women have begun to gain territory, space and importance in the world. For a long time now, people have been fighting for equal rights . Such is the case that currently we seek to narrow the discrimination gaps that separate us from men in all possible areas. Obviously, fashion was not going to want to be left out.

The fashion technique to support this cause was to start creating a feminine-masculine style . Little by little, the catwalk was plagued by unisex outfits that looked really beautiful and elegant. But, if you are also a supporter of this line of thought, in IMujer we invite you to read some tips to make your look have zero failures. Let’s see what this is about.

Main element

If you want to look for a really modern and modern masculine-feminine style, you can not miss the blazer in your wardrobe . In this season, it has become a must-have paramount. So much so that all major clothing brands have their own line. Although, if you are one of the girls who recycles outfits, I recommend you to use your boyfriend’s old jacket, combining it with soft and colorful pants.


I know it’s a difficult decision, but there are some rules to follow that can guide your path. If you want to look more casual, you can continue adding masculine pinches to your outfit with some practical moccasins shoes to do shopping at the mall. In contrast, the feminine comes from the hand of high-heeled sandals suitable for any event. A party at night? Dress with sequins, blazer and some peep-toe will mark trend.


The blazer is one of the few garments that are allowed to wear during the day and night. You only need to adapt the clothes in the wardrobe as the occasion warrants. Some  , dressed in prints, plain shirts are all options that are allowed during the day. At night, the brightness should say present in short shorts or tank tops.


Is there any style that dispenses with the accessories? So this female-male would not have to be the exception. The ties are one of the most trendy accessories for this season. Although, if you do not dare to much you can resort to the classic handkerchiefs . Do you want to look fashionable but simple? Make your earrings have a touch of neon color. Otherwise, a beret or bracelets can also turn out perfectly. Go ahead and mix!

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