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Denim Dress: All The Clever Tricks To Choose It And Wear It This Summer!

How many of you have eaten your hands this year for eliminating that denim dress that had been lying unused in the closet for too many years? In fact, it is a garment that never really goes out of style. Moreover, due to its versatility, it is a valid ally those days when we do not know how to dress, and it is fun to change combinations and accessories every time.

In the post we turn to those who are thinking of buying a denim dress, perhaps taking advantage of the sales, to give some useful advice in choosing … but also to those who already have it! In fact, we have selected for you many very current ideas to combine jeans clothes of all kinds, giving character to the outfit. If the topic interests you, go on reading the article!


First of all, if you choose the denim dress for the summer it will naturally have to be very light. But in this sales period, you can also take the opportunity to buy a heavier model suitable for mid-season.

In general, dark denim dresses have a more “elegant” and habile effect, even within a casual style. And perhaps in this sense, they are more versatile. The lighter ones and in light fabrics, or faded, are more sporty.

Then we must consider the variety of models and styles for the denim dress. Also in this case the shape of the body takes the field, with the basic rules that we have dealt with many times here on the blog. In fact, there are sheath jeans dresses, petticoats, pinafore dresses, overalls, and even bustiers.

Also in this case, in addition to choosing the one that best suits you, the “intended use” must be considered. The denim shirt-dress will inevitably be casual, while if you want to wear it over a t-shirt, a dress with straps or dungarees will be better.


We know that many of you are not fans of espadrilles, but we could not fail to mention one of the combinations we have seen most often on social media and also worn by celebrities. It is an easy-to-wear look, which allows us to be cool and comfortable all day while sporting a trendy outfit. Everything can be broken with a colored bag.

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We then found several examples of office looks with a denim dress. In some cases the more formal effect is given by the style of the dress itself, in others, ad hoc accessories come into play.

It must be said, however, that office denim dresses are often heavier and therefore unsuitable for hot days. Unless you always have to stay in rooms with air conditioning, such that, conversely, too light clothing is not recommended.

Girls, we are just at the beginning of the ideas we have collected to match the denim dress. And we have reserved the most interesting for the second part of the post! So, turn the page to discover all the others, and they will make you want to copy them right away!

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