How to Look After Your Coin Collection

How you care for your coin collection is arguably one of the most important aspects of collecting. It’s easy to damage a collectible with improper handling, cleaning or storing and the hours of work and passion you have put into your collection can be lost very quickly.

There are many simple steps you can take to look after your coins and protect them for generations to come. From keeping them away from water, salt air and extreme temperatures to using appropriate protective holders and keeping your hands clean you can make sure your precious collectables stay looking their best.

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1. Find a suitable place to store your coins

Ideally you want to store your coin collection somewhere that is cool, dark and free of humidity. This means avoiding places such as attics, basement rooms and the kitchen where hot or cold temperatures, sunlight, humidity and cooking oils can all cause damage to your coin collection.

A good option for storing your coin collection is a safe deposit box or in a burglar and fire rated home safe, however, if you cannot afford this it’s also possible to use a metal cupboard or bookshelf. It is important to avoid wood shelves as they can contain acids that will affect metals such as silver. For information on Coin Dealers UK, contact

2. Keep your hands clean when handling your coins

Even if your hands appear clean, they can still have small traces of oils or grit that will damage the surface of your coins. It is therefore always a good idea to handle your coins only when necessary and to wear soft cotton gloves when you do. These will help to protect the coins from fingerprints and the natural oils found on your hands, which can be corrosive. It is also a good idea to always wash your hands before you touch any coin as this will remove any sweat, food particles or grease that could damage the coin’s surface.

3. Avoid polishing or cleaning your coins

Polishing your coins can diminish their value and appearance, especially if the coins are older. The chemicals used in polishing and cleaning can etch the surface of your coins, causing permanent damage. In some cases the etching may not show up for years, but it can decrease the overall appearance and value of your coin collection.

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4. Never drop your coins on hard surfaces

Coins are made of precious metal and can easily be damaged by dropping them onto sharp, dirty or rough surfaces. They can also be damaged by being dropped into liquids, or if they are placed in a coin holder that contains chlorine or other corrosive materials.

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