Finding a stylish office chair

It can be difficult to find a chair that is both beautiful and functional.

Keep things light

How often you use your desk will determine the type of chair that you select. You can use a less practical solution if you only use your home office occasionally. It’s best to select an office chair designed specifically for your needs if you plan on spending a long time at your desk.

Not a fan of the big, black leather choices? Choose a lighter colour and a design which tucks away under the desk. The Eames classic is a great example.

If you want your home office to look more like a living room than a workspace, a seat that blends the functionality of a desk with the aesthetics of an armchair will be a great choice.

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Interior Design

Steal ideas from your dining room table if you prefer to use your desk for your home office and avoid the traditional office chair.

This is a great way to multitask your dining chairs, especially if you have limited space. Your desk can be used as a place to store an extra perch to use when your guests arrive for dinner.

A classic design can be a good investment for a high-quality piece of furniture. For inspiration with Office Chairs Gloucester, visit

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Get cosy

If you want a comfortable seat for your desk, a wooden farmhouse armchair will do the trick. The seat is deep, comfortable and has a slanted-back that provides plenty of support.

Try transparency

Transparent perspex is the best way to give your home office the illusion of more space. ThWhen a room is dominated by a large wooden desk, painted bookcases and a wall of books, a see-through chair creates a sense of flow.

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