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What does redevelopment mean?

It’s important to know what type of project you are working on before starting. Redevelopment projects are when new structures are being added to previously occupied land or when existing structures will undergo extensive renovations. Redevelopment usually begins with the demolition of one or more buildings deemed too expensive or outdated.

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Redevelopment projects are most commonly seen when an old building is torn down in order for a new one to be constructed. Redevelopment is also possible when an existing complex or building has to be repurposed so that it can better match market trends. Redevelopment projects are available in a variety of sizes and can be used to revitalize an area. For advice from Residential Architects, contact Quattro, a firm of Residential Architects.

Redevelopment is considered a great thing for the community surrounding the project site. Redevelopment projects can change the outlook of a town when the market is not performing well. They also increase the value of the properties in that community.

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Redevelopment projects are different from land development. Land development projects are usually undertaken when a property has been vacant for an extended period. Redevelopment takes place on land which was previously in use, but is in a poor state. Redevelopment projects include the demolition of a building to make room for a replacement. It is also true when major renovations on an existing structure are performed. It is important to understand the process before beginning work on a redevelopment project.

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