Disaster Relief Services You May Not Know About

You hope you’ll never be displaced by a disaster, but the unexpected is called that for a reason. It’s some sort of comfort to know that in the case of emergency (whether due to weather, fire, terrorism, or other cataclysmic event), there are services in place to help with both immediate needs and long-term disruption.

On the Spot

When disaster strikes, services like the Red Cross and FEMA move into place with everything from food and shelter to disaster relief showers and replacement clothing. Those stricken can get counseling, work tools, educational supplies, medical and dental care, and childcare in a pinch. In case of tragedy, victims can receive assistance with funeral charges and burial arrangements.

Moving Toward Recovery

If a hurricane takes your truck or a flood claims your house, you’ll need help with getting a new vehicle and a place to stay beyond your days in a shelter. Programs are in place to facilitate loans, mortgages, storage, and business recovery. You can get aid with cleanups, moving, and storage, as well as repair of household damage. Should your job disappear as businesses are wiped away, unemployment assistance can be facilitated as well.

Long-Term Rescue

The effects of a disaster can last for years, both in terms of physical items and psychological trauma. Disaster-related counseling services are available, as well as special programs for older victims and those with disabilities. Legal services can help with problems that develop in the wake of a disaster, as well as tax assistance and programs to help replant crops and rebuild companies.

Having your life turned upside down by a disaster is never going to be easy. If you or a loved one does end up in such an unsettling situation, be sure to ask for help and seek out all the programs and benefits that can assist in putting a life back together.

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