4 Things to Consider Before You Decide to Carry a Concealed Handgun

Maybe you’ve been thinking about carrying a handgun to increase your safety, or perhaps you are opening a business and want to be able to have a handgun at the ready in case of trouble. Whatever the reason you want to start carrying a concealed firearm, here are four things you should take into consideration first.

1. Type of Handgun

First, decide what type of handgun you want to carry. There are differences in the feel, operation, and weight between pistols and revolvers, so know these and make an informed choice. A semiautomatic pistol is relatively simple to operate, just click the safety off, then point and shoot whereas you may have to cock the hammer on a revolver. There are lots of customizations like Glock trigger upgrades that you can do to either style that will help make them more comfortable and suitable to your needs.

2. Local Requirements

Be sure to check out the local concealed carry requirements where you live. If you are planning to travel while carrying, make sure there are reciprocal agreements between the locations.

3. Holster Placement

You’ll want to figure out how you are planning to wear your handgun. Holsters are available for thigh, ankle and shoulder placements, but waist holsters are the most common. There are also some very clever concealed carry clothing designs, plus purses, satchels, and briefcases if you are more comfortable with those. Practice taking it in and out of its holster so you are ready in case you need to access it in a hurry.

4.Gun Storage

You won’t have your gun at your side all of the time. Arrange for a secure storage location, preferably in a locked, fire-resistant safe designed for firearms. This will protect the gun from potential damage or theft and keep family members safe from an accidental discharge.

No matter what type of gun and carry method you decide on, make sure you follow standard safety procedures when carrying and storing your firearm. This way, you can have a positive concealed carry experience and keep yourself and your family safe.

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