How Our Bodies Use Copper to Keep us Healthy

When you think of copper, you most likely think about the way that it can be used in machinery and around the home, such as this copper pipe from Watkins and Powis, that can be used for things like plumbing for example.

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However, copper is also an essential for the benefit of our health and wellbeing, and we need to have the right amount of it in our diet. Here are some of the ways that copper benefits your body…

Hair and Skin – Keeping your skin and hair looking their best is something that starts on the inside and ensures that you are getting the right nutrients. For skin, copper is a regulator of elastin and collagen – both of which keep skin looking younger and more healthy. Copper can also help to improve the health of hair, helping it to grow thicker and faster.

Bone Health – The health of our bones is important and something that we need to be more aware of as we get older. We all know that calcium plays a big role in the health of our bones, which is why children in particular are encouraged to drink plenty of milk, but also copper can also help to improve bone density.

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The Brain – The brain uses copper, as well as iron and zinc to absorb the right amount of oxygen into it. So, if you have low levels of certain vitamins and minerals, you are preventing your brain from getting the optimal amount of oxygen that it needs. It could even play a part in preventing Alzheimer’s disease, however more research needs to be done to confirm that.

The Immune System – Copper has long been known for having antibacterial properties, and this is something that it helps with inside the body too. Copper helps the body to produce cells that it needs for a healthy immune system, so being low in copper could be causing weakness in your immune system.

Most of us get plenty of copper in the foods that we eat, as long as we follow a balanced and healthy diet. Here are some of the foods that you can eat that contain copper…

Cashew Nuts

Kidney Beans

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables – like cabbage and kale



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