How to Live Comfortably and Create Space in Your Park Home

Mobile homes are more like proper homes than trailers these days. Here are some are ways to organise the space effectively.

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Don’t Add Clutter

Clutter is the bugbear of a mobile home. Give up one item to bring another in, and watch what you buy. Purge your stuff for charity regularly.

Avoid Hoarding

Stick to your shopping list, and don’t buy things you don’t need – avoid impulse-buying of discounted items.

Get Creative with Storage Space

Put up divisions like sliding doors, curtains and roll-down blinds to hide piles of items, keeping the area clear. Also use up small storage spaces such as under the stairs, sofa and bed.

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Practise Organisation

For items that have to be dry, use stackable airtight bins. Use collapsible organisers to extend your wardrobe. You can also use hooks over the door for hanging clothes. In the kitchen, employ portable shelves and drawer-organisers.

Be Smart Picking Furniture

Know your dimensions to fit furniture in its allocated space. Choose pieces with multiple functions, such as a bunk bed or loft with built-in desks, collapsible tables and pieces with hidden storage.

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Decorating Ideas

The area is small, but you can create an impression of space. Here are some suggestions.

Paint the ceiling white to create a fresh look, and give the floor a facelift. Concrete, ceramic and wooden tiles can lighten up your floor area. Add a cosy rug too.

Choose lightweight kitchen cabinets that suit your home, or retouch your old cabinets for a neat look. Install glass in the doors for a classy touch.

To prevent clutter, fewer but larger items of furniture is a good rule. Think about accents like a mirror creating the illusion of space or old pictures creating warmth. Select plain upholstery colours over prints, and replace heavy drapes or curtains with lighter materials and blinds.

Flowers or green plants are a nice touch

Paint your bathroom a bright colour to make it appear bigger, and think about using faux marble contact paper for cabinets. Use towels which have deep hues, and finish the room with a small rug.

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