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Common damage to garage doors

Lets face it, nobody likes to have their property damaged, least of all their garage door. Your garage door is a line of protection for your belongings stored inside, so any damage could be crucial to the safety and protection of your belongings. Any damage to a garage door could also lead to the inside of your garage being exposed to outside elements.

Electrical Problems

Electric issues are common with electric garage doors. A controller having a dead battery is often the reason for a garage door that won’t operate. To make sure everything is working correctly, test the batteries within the transmitter as well as the other devices.

Worn Out Rollers

To be able to travel properly both up and down the track, a garage door needs its rollers. When rollers are worn down over time, the garage door may move in a jerky, uneven manner. Examine the condition of the rollers should you discover that the garage door has not been operating properly.

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The Springs Are Broken

The springs could end up damaged as they are opened and closed many times a day. As garage door springs enable the door to be light enough to travel upward and downward they experience a lot of pressure. The older springs, the more likely they are to become broken. For Garage Doors Gloucester, consider www.upandoverdoorsltd.co.uk/garage-doors/gloucester

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Damaged Hardware

Over time, certain hardware components such as hinges may corrode and wear down, meaning replacement is necessary.

Wire Or Cable Damage

Over time, the cables or wires can get damaged, become brittle or break, leading to cables snapping and a complete shutdown of the door.

The Weather

If you have had extreme weather conditions, your garage door could break due to high winds which throws debris at it, causing structural damage to your garage door.

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