Welding for Beginners

Have you ever wondered what welding is or how it works? Welding is a unique process that helps combine two or more components with the help of heat and pressure. Welding supports the economy and makes it possible for beautiful structures and important vehicles to stay together. If you’re new to welding, here’s what you need to know about welding basics.

How Does It Work

If you have two pieces of materials, how do you join them together? In welding, metals and other objects are joined with extreme heat, making them become a single piece. There are two main types of welding processes:

  • Pressure Welding. This process uses high external pressure and heat to join two metals together.
  • Fusion Welding: This process heats similar materials above their heating points and combines the melted material.

Welding can join plastics, metals and wood. By understanding the proper joint configurations and types of metal, a welder can create a masterpiece. Both functional and artistic objects can be created through welding.

What is Welding Used For?

All types of companies and business use welding Salem OR in one way or another. One of the biggest welding industries is aerospace. Aircrafts require welding to create large functional bodies of metal. Now, gas welding and electrical arc welding are used for manufacturing and repairs.

The construction industry also uses welding in many kinds of ways. Steel is a common material for constructing commercial buildings and requires a lot of welding work done on the job. Common types of construction welding include Plasma arc, flux-cored and MIG welding processes.

Welding is a fascinating industry. Combining metal in this way involves creating a pool of molten metal between the two components and then adding a filler rod to complete the process. If you’ve ever been interested in heat, metal or pressure, this may be the career for you.

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