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Making your House Move Less Stressful for you

One of the most stressful life events is moving house, and on moving day the stress levels can really rise! However, spending some time planning and preparing for your move can help to reduce the stress of the day, and hopefully will help you to move in a much more calm way!

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When you know that you are going to be moving you can start to get everything prepared for it. When you have the date, you can start to book in the things that you will need to help you, such as a removals company for example, or if you want to hire a vehicle and move yourself, then you will want to organise this though someone like this van hire Bristol based company autolynecarvanrental.co.uk/van-hire-bristol

You should also make a list of those that you need to inform that you are moving. Utilities companies like the gas and electric providers will need to know this information so that they can take a meter reading and make sure that your final bill is correct, and you will also need to set up your utilities providers in your new home.

You also need to let your television, phone and broadband provider know, as this will be something that you will want to have installed in your new home as soon as possible, and this means that you should book it in early to be connected as there can be a bit of a wait.

If you have children or pets, you should also think about the logistics of moving day for them – having pets and kids around when you move can make moving more stressful as you want to help them to stay safe and calm, so it is a good idea to get someone to care for them for the day so that you can focus on moving and they will be safe away from the chaos of the house move!

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Be aware that you should take the time to care for yourself in the run up to the move, to prevent you from becoming overly stressed – try to make time for you, whether this is a relaxing bath, spending time with friends or even a spa day.

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