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How to use beer yeast to lose weight

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The brewer’s yeast has become an ally for people who choose to follow a diet. This is due to the important contribution of essential nutrients necessary for the metabolism to work by burning the fat that causes weight gain. There are several ways to take beer yeast to lose weight, either by including it in our daily diet or as a separate supplement. As long as your intake is supervised by a specialist, the brewer’s yeast will undoubtedly be a healthy and highly recommended option.

beer yeast

How to use beer yeast to lose weight

The beer yeast shakes are one of the most used options to lose weight. Its preparation is simple, it is only necessary to dissolve a total of 25 grams of pressed fresh yeast in a cup of water that is preferably warm. We must stir well so that no lumps remain. It can be sweetened with some natural sweetener slightly.

The proper way to take a brewer’s yeast shake is on an empty stomach at least half an hour before eating breakfast.

beer yeast

Beer yeast lozenges

The beer yeast pills that can be found in the herbal and parapharmacies, are the most recurrent option chosen by those people who do not accept the taste of the yeast in shakes or meals or ingested by itself.

The yeast of beer in tablets is better absorbed in the company of other foods so it is recommended to take it in the three daily meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The daily dose may vary depending on the needs of each person, although usually recommend between 4 and 8 tablets a day spread over the three main meals.

beer yeast

In the form of flakes

The beer yeast flakes are the most suitable way of consumption because they provide a more pleasant taste than that of brewer’s yeast powder. Therefore it is the ideal choice for those people who have a certain intolerance to the taste of powdered beer yeast or for those who have never tasted it, as it is more bitter.

On the other hand, the beer yeast flakes are more pleasant in terms of texture, and their flavor will serve to enhance the taste of many dishes.

beer yeast

Powder as a dressing

Yeast powder is one of the most common ways of consuming the yeast diet and allowing multiple use forms. One of them is introducing it in smoothies or juices because in this way we camouflage its bitter taste. Other options include brewer’s yeast as soup dressing, purées and salads since its flavor contrasts with that of other foods.

beer yeast

On an empty stomach

If we do not want to include the brewer’s yeast in the food or in the form of a shake, we can simply take a spoonful on an empty stomach, thus obtaining the same results. It is enough to ingest a spoonful of yeast every morning before breakfast, without forgetting that we must supplement the yeast of beer ingested in fasting with a proper diet as well as with the practice of regular exercise.

The yeast is healthy and above all, it is a very natural food, so include it as a supplement or dressing food and drink is undoubtedly one of the best ways to help eliminate kilos left over.

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