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Uses For An Orangery

If you are looking for something more unique to add to your home, consider an orangery. An orangery is a stunning addition, slightly different to a conservatory but just as versatile. Orangeries tend to have greater wall space and with tall windows and skylights, are awash with natural light to create a spacious and airy living space. Here are some ideas for what to use your orangery for:

  • Entertaining space

An orangery is a spacious and attractive backdrop for socialising and entertaining guests. Dining areas are also commonly placed in this space and provide a lovely flow that seamlessly connects the house to the garden. An orangery offers the ideal base for staging a BBQ.

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  • Extension to a kitchen/diner

Open plan living is hugely popular and many families are looking for a way to extend the heart of the home, namely the kitchen, into a larger kitchen/diner that offers improved access and views to the garden. Such a space provides room for families to gather and talk about their day, watch the kids play in the garden and chat with guests while cooking, for example. For information on an Oak Orangery, go to a site like https://www.timberpride.co.uk/oak-orangery

  • Lounge area

An orangery can offer a beautifully light and airy space for relaxing with a book or magazine while watching the trees in the breeze and hearing the birds singing. Traditional lounge spaces might not be located with easy access or even views of the garden and this is a further reason why homeowners choose to add one to their property.

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  • Art studio or music room

Not many homes have space for our passions, like a dedicated art studio or room for music practice, for example. If you have hobbies, whether you are dabbling with painting or crafting, an orangery could be the perfect solution. Spacious, airy and awash with light, an orangery is perfect for such activities.

  • Pool or gym

Having your own home gym means you can get fit whenever it is convenient. An orangery is also an ideal location for a hot tub or swimming pool. You can never guarantee the British weather but using an orangery to house a pool means you can make use of it all year round.

  • Home office

Working from home is becoming more popular but finding a suitably quiet place to focus in a busy family home can be challenging. Whether you prefer to attach the space to the main house or install a standalone structure in the garden, the choice is yours.

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