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Benefits of Relaxation. Part 2.

Yoga practice is designed for training the muscles to be able to relax. People who regularly practice yoga need less sleep and rest. When lying down, they quickly fall into a deep sleep that restores body and mind. Yogic breathing exercises take conscious efforts to enhance people’s ability to calm the mind and achieve a state of relaxation of body and mind.

Sometimes the beginners ask to be learnt to breathe correctly. But there’s no single reply. The breathing technique depends on the type of asana performing at the moment. When we feel stressed, our breathing becomes rapid and choppy. When we are relaxed the whole body takes part in the respiration process, and each breath becomes calm and quiet like babies.

Although someone may breathe deeper or faster than others, when people are at ease, the breathing rhythm feels like a lullaby, so soft and calm. To develop this process, try to relax the jaw, throat, neck and chest and imagine the breath moving into the deep of the lungs as you are breathing in and out. Consciously relaxing into this wavelike, oceanic quality of the breath enhances that state of calmness and inner peace. Yoga accentuates that breathing creates peaceful and serene states of being.

Nowadays many people trying to stay healthy are looking for drugs and
remedies that are so easy of access online, for instance, at Canadian
pharmacies. Pills and other drugs can help you to recover from
acquired disease, but complete mental and physical health come
only with an inner tuning to a higher source. Yoga gives the
techniques for getting inner peace, teaching participants to destroy
the boundaries separating people from each other, and from their own
Inner Selves.


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