Starting skiing can be overwhelming if you feel intimidated by the mountain, snow or speed. It may also not be what you expected depending on the reasons that pushed you to ski for the first time. Here we would like to convince you that learning to ski is something fun, healthy and not as difficult as you imagine. If you have enough motivation and positive expectations you will see how once you try it you will never leave it.

Let’s start by describing the main reasons that push us to start skiing for the first time. Maybe you’ll be surprised!

Reasons why we decided to ski for the first time

The associated RRC consultancy indicates that the following reasons are the main reasons why we decided to learn to ski. Many times there are several reasons to start skiing. The more reasons we have, the greater our motivation will be:

  • Because friends and family enjoy it and we want to share it with them . 55% of the people who participated in the study agree with this. Doing activities with family or friends is a great incentive to start skiing, and the first reason for most respondents.
  • Because learning to ski is something I always wanted to do . 42% of first-time skiers did it too because they were always curious. Obviously this is a great motivation to ski for the first time. As we all skiers know, skiing engages!
  • Because skiing allows me to do outdoor activities in winter . 41% of those who try skiing for the first time did so for this reason. We must understand that it is not just an activity, skiing is a sport that requires a learning process and put us in a minimal physical form to really enjoy it.
  • Because I was convinced by friends or relatives . 37% allude to the fact that others convinced them to try it. Maybe this is not enough motivation, but we are sure that many who try it through pressure from others end up enjoying it as the most.
  • I want to try skiing at least once in my life . 27% did it for this reason, and we are sure that once it is successfully tested, it is not abandoned!
  • Because I want to know what it feels like to go down a hill at high speed . 24% of the respondents wanted to know what it feels like to ski. If they have a little patience they will not be disappointed.
  • Because I am attracted to the world of skiing and everything that surrounds it . 17% are attracted to the culture of skiing and what surrounds it, fun, camaraderie, outdoor sports, apres-ski etc … It is true that the world of skiing engages, so we encourage you to enjoy everything what skiing can contribute from when you start skiing for the first time.
  • I saw an offer of ski travel too good not to take advantage of it . For that 10% who indefatigably seek the best travel deals can be surprised by the offers that exist for skiing for the first time, including good classes to learn to ski correctly from the start.

In the second part of this post we will describe the reasons why some decide not to repeat, and because they should give it another chance. Why did you decide to start skiing? Tell us your story here.

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