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Banana peel fertilizer: How to make a organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are an ecological, sustainable, and economical option to keep your plants healthy. There are many ways to do it and use it, with excellent results.

The banana peel has multiple benefits for our plants. Its importance lies in the amounts of potassium it contains. Precisely this mineral transports the nutrients through the plants and strengthens the formation of flowers and fruits.

It can usually be easily identified when the plant is lacking in potassium. If the leaves turn yellow or curled, it is the right time to use this compost.

The peel has a drawback and it is related to its ease of spoiling. That is why it is suggested to store it in a bag and preserve it in the freezer.

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Fertilizer with banana or banana peel

You can use it as an infusion. For this, you will need five shells, 1.5 liters of water, a bottle of water, and a saucepan. Cut the shells into small pieces, put them in the pot with the water. Put it on the fire for fifteen minutes and put it to rest.

When you check the saucepan, you will notice that the water turned brown thanks to the shells. Once it’s cool, store it in a bottle.

When you need to use the fertilizer, use the following ratio: one part fertilizer to five parts water. Apply once a week. When the plants are in the flowering season, water directly with this fertilizer every 15 days.

Pieces of banana peel

You can cut them into small pieces and buried in the plant pots once a month. This will release magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and other minerals.

Fermented banana peels

Place them in a jar and submerge them with enough water so that they are completely covered. Cover with a cloth and an elastic band.

The mixture needs to sit for a week for the bacteria to do their job. If you see black mold, you should throw it away because it no longer works. After the week, it is placed in the blender and pureed.

Dilute with a little water and gradually incorporate it into the potting soil.

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