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Wedding Nails: beautiful Gel nails and Nail art!

Manicured hands and nails highlighted by the right nail art are a must-have for the bride. From the shape of the nail to the applications that you want to add, the choice is wide and must be well thought out, because the manicure will be noticed, especially when you wear the wedding ring and everyone will want to see it!

We show me the most beautiful images of wedding nails 2021 with many useful tips on which to choose and how to take care of your nails!


If the bride wants to be flawless and does not want to risk seeing the nail polish flake or chipping, she can use gel polish, which is much more lasting than classic nail polishes, especially if she wants to keep this manicure even for the honeymoon. And if the bride does not have the nails suitable for well-done nail art (gnawed nails or very short nails) she can resort to reconstruction, a way to have false nails but with a very natural look.


What if the bride doesn’t want to have her nails done? No problem, there are lots of bridal manicures for short nails! Ask your trusted nail artist which shape suits your hands best: rounded, square, squoval, square, or almond nails? After deciding how to file them, we move on to color and possibly drawings. If you want natural wedding nails then go for ivory, pearly, milky, or peach-colored nails. For an original touch, add rhinestones or alternate the classic French with an accent nail art.


The red enamel is often considered too much access to the wedding, but much depends abbot and the length of the nails. If a bride wants to choose a red manicure, then she should keep her nails short and round, to avoid the fatal effect. If the bouquet or dress has small hints of red, the overall effect will be really chic! In this case, it is better to avoid additional details, such as elaborate nail art. A small glitter, to give a light point, or a slight shade towards burgundy will be more than enough. If you don’t know which shade to choose, take a look at Faby’s Reds, the nail polish collection designed for those who love red.


An evergreen, which has always been one of the most popular ideas for elegant bridal nails. Despite the long history behind them, almond nails remain among the modern trends because they optically lengthen and exhaust the hand. Glitter or beads at the nail attachment go well with this shape, but we can make our look even more special with a caviar manicure combined with matte nail polish, as we see in the case of the beautiful powder pink wedding nails.


Bridal nail art can be very varied, it depends on the type of dress you have chosen and your taste. You can create contrasting nail art, using bright tones if you dress completely in white or ivory. Or stay on the classic and opt for milky white wedding nails and nude colors. Floral designs on a single nail (usually the ring finger, the star of the day!) Are the most chosen by brides? For the more eccentric, the flowers can be colored and glitter applications can be made on all nails. Those who love artistic decorations can opt for nail art made in micro painting with the one-stroke technique. Another solution is the three-dimensional effect, the 3D nail art, in gel or acrylic or the baby boomer bridal nails, shaded from nude to white.


If you don’t like nail art, a solid color manicure is always a must. Usually, the glazes are in pastel colors, such as antique pink, nude, white, but also beautiful more spring tones such as light green, tiffany, and lilac.


If you want an original option, then decorate your nails with flowers or colors from your bouquet! Even bold tones like blue and green will go well with your manicure if you know how to dose the tones. External applications or real designs on the nail, some details such as glitter polish. And here is a manicure that matches the tones of your bouquet!


The glitter on the nails, or on a single nail, immediately gives the bright touch that many brides like. Large or small, transparent or colored, as always it depends on the allure chosen for the wedding and the personal taste of the bride. The glitter can be applied on a minimal, French, or solid color manicure. Or used for particular and more eccentric bridal nails.


Hands in the foreground, of course, but don’t forget the pedicure! If you get married in spring or summer and wear sandals, it becomes a must-have! In the months leading up to the wedding, take care of your feet by applying moisturizers and restorative foot baths. Fingernails and toenails must be in harmony: absolutely avoid applying nail polishes of different colors. Combining manicure and pedicure is very simple, especially if you rely on a good beautician. Keep in mind that you can also apply gel or semi-permanent polish on your feet, so you have no excuses.

Three-dimensional flowers and rhinestones on the toenails are not recommended both because the movements of the dress and shoes could tear these details away and because they could be not very fine.


Taking care of your hands is always an excellent beauty routine, then when they are as much the center of attention as for the bride then we can’t do without them! You need to apply a moisturizer, even when temperatures are high, and use an oil to care for your nails and cuticles. Do not cut your nails because you risk stressing them, better file them carefully. In addition, always apply a protective topcoat before applying the nail polish, so as not to make the nail yellow. Finally, if you have the habit of biting your nails, follow our tips to combat nail-biting, how to stop biting your nails.

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