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Music and Money, can you remember these numerical tunes

Whether it’s time to fill in your tax return or think about where to invest your money, if you’re in a money mood then here are some songs to listen to:

Money, Money, Money – ABBA

ABBA understood the importance of money and if you also believe that money makes the world go round, you’ll want to make sure yours is working for you. Do you have the right accounts? Should you be investing? It’s time to consider if your money is in the right places!

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Money For Nothing – Dire Straits

Well, we would all love to receive money for nothing but unless you win the lottery, most of us have to earn what we get. However, it is possible for your money to make money, simply by making smart investments or having savings accounts with good interest. To help get your finances in order, consider Cheltenham accountants at a site like Cheltenham accountants Randall & Payne

Can’t Buy Me Love – The Beatles

It is often said that money won’t buy you love or happiness but it can certainly buy almost everything else! If you’d like to splash out on a holiday or a new home appliance, then be sure to take good care of your savings.

Ka-Ching – Shania Twain

A sound we would all love to hear! If you want to be quids in then get to grips with your finances today and seek some professional financial advice. A simple audit of where you are wasting money and areas where you could save money is often all that is needed to improve your financial situation.

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Money – That’s What I Want – Barrett Strong

Whilst it’s never good to become obsessed with monetary gain, we all desire to be comfortable in life and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to provide for your family. The reason why people play the lottery, for example, is because they desire money so they can indulge their wildest fantasies, whether that’s a private tropical island or to buy a yacht!

Mo Money, Mo Problems – Sean Combs

Some think that the more money you have, the more problems arise. It is true that when you have multiple streams of income or multiple investments, it can be difficult to manage it all correctly. This is where financial advisors and accountants come into their own. They can help manage your portfolio and offer advice on what to do for the future.

I Don’t Care Where The Money Is – Diana Ross

Those who don’t care where their money is are those who will never be rich! Bringing together all of your money and knowing exactly where every penny is, is something that your accountant can help you with. Businesses are required to keep detailed accounts and the taxman will certainly care where your money is so it pays to hire a bookkeeper too!

Bag Full Of Money – The Byrds

Don’t keep your money in a bag under the bed! Make sure it is working for you and being managed well and not gathering dust in a bag or an old account.

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