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10 Simple Birthday Makeup Party Tricks

In this time of birthday party, dinners and events it is normal that we worry about our appearance more than ever. Not everyone is an expert in makeup, we tell you a series of birthday makeup tricks for parties.

Following these simple tips, you will be able to put on makeup easily and quickly for any occasion that may arise. Read on.

Do you want to be the best makeup of the party?

Care your skin

The skin is more important than the makeup itself, so the main recommendation is to take maximum care of it. You have to hydrate and protect it daily. The more you take care of it, the less you will have to worry about makeup, since you will have fewer imperfections to cover.

Before putting on makeup, always apply a moisturizing product to your face and lips to prevent them from deteriorating.

Make up your eyes first

It is recommended that you start to make up for the eyes. The makeup in this area is usually the one that stains the most and this way you can clean yourself without damaging the rest of the paint.

If you get mascara, shadow, or eyeliner stains, clean it with a wipe or makeup remover product.

Choose the makeup base well

Always choose a foundation that is close to your skin tone. A too dark or too light would attract too much attention, especially if we are looking for a natural look. The base serves to hide some imperfections, give more light to the face and show finer skin.

Be careful with this product in hot months or places, as sweat can play havoc with its application. In these cases, use the so-called BBCream, moisturizing creams that apply color to the face.

Light up your features

With an illuminator, you can give more light to your face and enhance some of its aspects. It can be applied anywhere on the face, but the most recommended places are the cheekbones, the arch of the eyebrows, and the T between the eyes.

Apply mascara

A party look would not be the same without a good mascara. The effect will be best achieved if you apply two coats to both the lower and upper lashes. As for the color, there is a wide variety to choose from. The most basic is black, but you can use brown, dark blue, and even green. Everything will depend on how you want to combine the rest of your look.

Enhance your lips

If you are looking for natural lips, choose a light brown or nude tone. But if what you want is to highlight your lips more than ever, the best option is bright colors such as fuchsia, pink, red or coral. The fashionable lipstick is matte, that is, the one that does not have shine. This will make your lips appear larger.

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Another fashionable color is plum, as it is very striking and will also enhance the shape of your lips.

Highlight your eyes or lips, but not all at once

Although more excessive looks are usually worn at night than during the day, try to highlight only one section of your face. If you prefer all the attention to your eyes, choose a lipstick that is as natural as possible. If, on the other hand, you want your lips to be the protagonists, opt for eyeliner and a simple shadow.

By applying too much makeup on both sides, your look will be too ornate and none of your attributes will show off in particular.

Opt for trendy makeup, smokey eyes

Surely one of the makeup you will see the most at night will be the « smokey eyes », although until now you did not know its name. This smoky effect accentuates the look and flatters virtually all eye types. You can also use different shades. For the best possible effect, you will have to apply the strongest tone on the mobile eyelid, blurring it with softer tones.

Use a makeup fixer

There are sprays called makeup fixatives that will be our greatest allies at the long parties we attend. These products, as their name suggests, serve to set our makeup all night. Thanks to him we can not worry and we will not have to do touch-ups throughout the party.

Opt for the easiest solution: hire a makeup artist

If all these tips still don’t convince you or makeup isn’t your thing, don’t worry. There is a much simpler solution: Hire a professional make-up artist at home to make you look beautiful on special occasions.

This may sound too expensive or exclusive, but nothing is further from the truth. Currently, there is a wide range of make-up artists who will come to do your make-up at your home for a fairly affordable price.

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