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Trees for small gardens

Research is important when choosing trees to add height and permanence to your outdoor area. You should pay attention to how the height of the tree will compare to the available space. Over time, trees that appear small and slow-growing could outgrow the space they are given. This can interfere with your home’s foundations and block out light.

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A hand-picked selection of small-growing trees will provide beautiful flowers, fruits and foliage in small or medium-sized gardens. They can be used as privacy screens, focal points or to break up a lawn. Choose a tree that has berries, and make sure to provide perches as well as nesting areas nearby. Consider a fruit tree for a plentiful harvest. These are available in different rootstocks that determine their height.

You can grow some smaller trees in containers, especially standards. This allows you to move the tree around and provides frost protection in winter. If you want something small, consider a shrub. Many can be grown to look like a tree while being smaller in stature. For Semi Mature Trees, visit https://www.naturefirst.co.uk/semi-mature-trees/

Crab apple

The crab apple tree is another all-rounder for small gardens. It offers stunning blooms in the spring, in pink or white shades, as well as colourful fruit in the autumn.

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Hawthorn or crataegus is covered in white or pink flowers in the spring, and with berries in the autumn. The berries are loved by many birds. You can grow them as a part of a fence.

Silver Birch

The native ‘betula pendula’ of the UK is popular for gardens. It has a thin canopy with yellow autumn leaves and a white peeling bark. The birches provide dappled shading and are beautiful when planted with shade-loving plants or Spring bulbs.

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