Yellow rose tattoo

Yellow rose tattoo: pictures, meaning and guide

Of all the roses, the yellow one has always been seen as a bearer of negative meanings. Imported from the Far East to Europe, it symbolizes jealousy in love, envy, and other bad feelings. However, these are not its only meanings, in fact, in the East. It is associated with the Sun and represents a hymn to it and to life on Earth. The color yellow corresponds to wisdom for the Buddhist religion, while in Japan and China it symbolizes courage and royalty respectively. Tattooed on your body, depending on the shade you choose, can mean many different things. When it is clearer it indicates a less strong feeling.

Yellow rose tattoo: pictures, meaning, and guide

The reason why yellow roses are considered a symbol of jealousy and betrayal goes back to a legend linked to Muhammad and the infidelity of his favorite concubine, Aisha. The prophet, suspecting her betrayal, had asked the Archangel Gabriel for help. He had told him to get some roses and if they changed color he would have the confirmation he was waiting for. That same evening Muhammad asked Aisha to throw red roses into the river which immediately turned yellow.

Positive meanings

Currently, the meaning of this particular flower is in transformation and is gradually resembling the positive one that characterizes the most common roses. The yellow rose expresses happiness, wisdom, joy, and freedom. In addition, its bright color indicates warmth, sunshine, and lightheartedness.


The yellow rose is also the symbol of friendship, as the color manages to express all the happiness that this feeling brings to life. In many states, this flower is the logo of the “International Day of Friendship”, established by the UN to celebrate the importance of bonds between people.

A new start

Another important meaning is related to the beginning of something new. If you are ready to face a new part of your life or if something has happened that completely revolutionized it, tattooing a yellow rose can best express this meaning.

The return

If you have managed to overcome a difficult situation and are back to what they used to be, deciding to get a yellow rose tattoo might be the right choice. This flower symbolizes returning to the past after great suffering, freeing yourself from a burden, and continuing to live your life as you did before.

The negative meanings

In addition to those already mentioned, the yellow rose symbolizes a finished love. You can decide to tattoo it on your skin as a test of endurance and overcoming pain after an important story.

Where to get a yellow rose tattoo?

Feminine tattoo

The suitable places to tattoo a rose and express your femininity at the same time are the shoulders, both above and behind or in front, behind the neck, the foot, or alternatively the side. If you want to make a fairly small tattoo, you can also choose the ankle or the inside of the arm.

Male tattoo

Man tends to choose the yellow rose as a decorative element for a larger tattoo. The best places are the back, chest and pectorals, calf, and thigh.

What style to choose?

The best style for this type of subject is definitely the realistic one. Thanks to a skilled hand, a real masterpiece can be obtained. Another way to depict the rose is the Old School style, where it can be tattooed pierced by a dagger, or with the characteristic elements of the “old-fashioned” tattoo. The rose also lends itself to being depicted in many different ways, with fallen petals, with butterflies, ladybugs on it, or next to writings. Surely, using a little imagination, you will be able to have a beautiful tattoo that expresses your feelings.

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