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How to wear dark lipstick: tips and mistakes to avoid

One of the trends of the season includes dark lips: burgundy lipsticks, sangria, brick red, but also purple and black for the most daring. What is certain is that it is a particular and extremely extravagant look, which will give a touch of whimsy to your look without making you go unnoticed. Those who choose dark lipstick in more classic shades such as red or burgundy can create a sophisticated and elegant look by focusing attention on the lips. However, there are some mistakes to avoid, in order not to risk transforming the look into Halloween make-up. Here are tips on what to do and what not to if you want to wear dark lipstick.

1. Don’t create a gothic look:

if you want to focus on the lips with an ultra-dark lipstick, uncover the eyes and brighten them with a light and pearlescent eyeshadow. No to smoky eyes or bold eyeliners combined with jet black hair with geometric fringe, all together would make your look gothic and too vampire.

2 . Do not smudge the lipstick:

with such dark lips, the slightest flaw would be noticed. To prevent the lipstick from moving beyond the lip contour, outline your mouth with a white pencil which will help you to set the lipstick within the contours of the lips.

3. Do not apply lipstick without a pencil:

dark lipstick cannot be applied without first outlining the lip contour accurately and precisely. Choose a pencil of the same color as the lipstick and outline the contours following your natural shape if you have defined lips, or create the line a few millimeters beyond your natural contour to give more volume. Blend the color even on the certain of the lips to make the lipstick last longer.

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4. Don’t forget to check your teeth:

with dark lipsticks, it can happen that your teeth get stained by the color. So remember to check often that the lipstick hasn’t stained your teeth. But how can you avoid staining them? Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to your teeth, which will prevent the lipstick from sticking to your smile.

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5. Do not apply the lipstick from the stick:

to be more precise remember to apply the lipstick with a fine and precise brush that will allow you to have flawless and defined lips.

6. Go for mascara:

if you’ve chosen a particularly dark shade like burgundy or burgundy, go for a simple look for the eyes. A light eyeshadow combined with false eyelashes or a lengthening black mascara is perfect: your look will be sophisticated and very fast to achieve.

7. Prepare the lips by exfoliating them:

with dark lipstick, the lips must be perfect and neat and cuticles or cracks are not allowed. Before applying the lipstick, therefore, remember to exfoliate them to eliminate dead skin and moisturize it with a balm that you will leave on for a few minutes, and then dab the excess with a tissue.

8. Correct mistakes:

if you have an imperfect lip contour, correct the mistake before continuing. You can help yourself with a pointed cotton swab or a cat’s tongue brush blend the product around the lip contour to eliminate the mistake and highlight your mouth.

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9. Set the lipstick:

to prevent the lipstick from fading after a few hours, set it with powder. Gently place a tissue on the lips without pressing, then with a powder brush apply a very thin layer of powder on the tissue, which will go beyond the layer going to fix your lipstick for a long time.

10. Choose the right shade for you:

the choice of color may not be easy, but those with dark and olive complexions can opt for super dark lipsticks such as plums and purples, while those with fair skin can try the range of reds. If you have slightly yellowed teeth, choose a cool undertone lipstick with blue or purple highlights to instantly whiten your smile.

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