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Can Dogs Eat Beans?

Ensuring your pets a correct diet means in the short term guaranteeing their health, the brightness of the coat, and the health of the teeth, while in the long term extending their life.

For this reason, it is always advisable to inquire about the foods used by the owners who can eat without problems too. So as not to cause damage to the internal organs.

Reading a detailed list of foods not recommended you will in fact be definitely amazed about some categories that you would never have believed to be harmful and which instead can prove to be dangerous if not fatal in some extreme conditions.

Specifically, in this article, we will try to understand if your dog can eat beans and if so in what periodic amount.

Is it possible to give beans to your dog with peace of mind?

Beans are notoriously a food rich in plant proteins, which provide the right amount of nutrients to humans as well as animals.

Your dog’s diet should be based precisely on a close supply of substances of this kind, accompanied by fiber. And vitamins in quantity, while fats should be limited as much as possible, especially over the years.

We can therefore say with certainty that it is not a harmful food from all points of view, which indeed can be used as an alternative to others as a pleasant snack.

This is the case, for example, with those dogs who always show appetite and insistently ask to be satiated. Replacing a classic biscuit with a legume of this type allows you to satisfy the pressing request but at the same time not burden the line too much.

This is especially true for all those specimens that are no longer very young and tend to be overweight. Or have gained weight following sterilization and have had to change their diet in a more or less drastic way.

Many dogs especially appreciate the flavor of raw green bean, which is crunchy in the mouth and resembles a tasty crunch on the palate.

Furthermore, very often it is not hunger that drives them but greed. So they don’t pay too much attention to what they are really putting in their mouths, making them happy with the simple gesture.

Therefore, it is not a toxic food for dogs, as it can happen for some unsuspected types of fruit and vegetables.

The suggestion is not to exceed the portions and try to give one or two beans a day at the most. So as to maintain the correct daily protein intake necessary for general well-being.

When is it best to avoid giving beans to your dog?

Some dogs suffer from irritable bowel and tend to have more or less severe periodic manifestations in this sense. For this reason, if you know that your 4-legged friend has this problem, limit the intake of beans very much or just avoid giving them.

It is in fact food that in humans and animals can cause aerophagia and stagnation inside the stomach, generating disorders with localized pain and phenomena of diarrhea or vomiting.

The suggestion is to do a test with a single element and see how the dog reacts so that you can then possibly adjust with the quantities for the future.

Do not be persuaded by his inexhaustible appetite. As the fact that you want to eat them does not mean that you cannot suffer the side effects in the short term.

Even if he does it with his eyes, he is not able to communicate so it is advisable to follow all the indications of the case to avoid unpleasant subsequent episodes.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian, who knows the specific case and will be able to tell you what is the best behavior to follow and the exact quantity of legumes to supply.

How should you behave with green beans?

The same goes for green beans, even smaller than the previous one and therefore perfect for ensuring a reward linked to good behavior or satiating the dog between meals.

These are elements rich in fiber and proteins, useful for the correct intestinal activity and in general for the physical well-being of your dog.

Using this expedient instead of the classic commercial biscuits means making a more careful choice in the direction of a healthy and balanced diet, which can guarantee health for the highest possible number of years to come.

Which beans to choose for your dog?

Just as you pay attention to your health and perhaps try to buy organic or safe-sourced foods. The same thing you should try to do for your pet.

There is no general rule but in this case, it is necessary to rely on common sense, going to buy healthy products or even cultivating them in your own garden.

The general advice is to clearly avoid canned products and especially those seasoned already inside the package. Especially if with tomato sauce, which can be harmful to the stomach and intestines of the animal.

You can therefore cook some beans fresh for the rest of the family and set aside a certain amount for your four-legged friend so that he can use them as snacks even when cold.

They can also partly replace the meat intake necessary for psychophysical well-being. So it is also possible to mix them with other elements of the baby food to make the meal richer and tastier. In fact,

many dogs love to vary their diet and appreciate the possibility of not always eating the same composition. Making you understand in their own way that they are satisfied.

By inserting this food a few times a week you will therefore obtain numerous advantages. And keep under control the need for vegetable proteins useful for perfect physical shape from an internal and external point of view.

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