7 Fashion Mistakes that Make You Look Fat 

Here are fashion blunders that make you appear wider, curated by experts from

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  1. Very Tight Dresses

A dress that is too tight will not let you breathe properly, also it will fall on all the wrong places on your body. It will accentuate all those problem areas, like love handles, in a wrong way which, of course, won’t look flattering. So do not go for one size smaller dresses because instead of making you look slimmer, they will make you look heavier and even broad. To solve this issue, choose your own size and walk around in that dress before buying it.

  1. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a tricky part of clothing. It may look good on most of the people, but not everyone. If you have a pear shaped body, pairing that skinny jeans with a short tee will only make your overall appearance look more heavy than it already is. So, choose your skinny jeans wisely and go for a size and cut that’s meant for your body type. Ian Rush and his wife knows what is best for their outings, they always look stunning even in skinny jeans.

  1. Puffy Coats and Bulky Sweaters

Puffy coats are great for those chilly winter months, but they definitely make you look bulkier. Choose a coat that is cinched at the waist as it will give more definition to your waist, and same is the case with bulky sweaters. Choose the one that defines your waist in order to appear slimmer, courtesy of users from

  1. Wide or Full Skirts

Wide or full skirts look great on many women, but not all body types can carry such skirts without making you look bulky. If you have a petite frame, choose skirts that are more tailored and structured; otherwise that skirt will make you look short and broad at the same time.

  1. ¾ Pants

There was a time when ¾ pants were in rage even though they looked bad on almost everyone, unless you had legs like Deepika Padukone! Pants that end midway between your ankles and knees could be the worst nightmare as they will make your thigh area look really heavy.

  1. The Wrong Bra

A fitted bra is the foundation to great looking outfits. It shapes your curves in a very flattering way. Have you looked at those bags around your chest area and your waist that get formed because your bra is too tight? You cringe just by the look of it, right? So make sure you spend ample time in finding out the correct size of your bra. Also don’t forget to wear a bra that goes well with the dress you are wearing.

  1. Wearing Too Many Colours

Breaking your body up with tons of colours, will only bring focus on each and every part of your body. And, in case there any flaws in any given area, it’s almost like you’re bringing the spotlight to it. So guess what — wear one colour all over, or tints/shades of the same colour or best: stick to only dark colours.

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