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4 Strategies to sell digital products in the online

Many people have excellent ideas to create their own products. To sell digital products in the online is a tough task. They put them on the Internet and believe it is enough to start earning. But the reality is not exactly like that.

Ok, the product is ready. Now you just have to sell. But where to start?

Before falling headlong into the world of the digital market, I have four strategies to sell digital products used and validated by the largest Hotmart Producers that will help you develop your own structured method to start selling on the right foot!

1. Create valuable and free content to enrich your audience

This is an important step even before starting sales.

You need to create value and offer it to your audience before starting to sell your product.

You must do this because this type of content generates authority in front of the audience. That is, people start to see you as a reference in your market.

If you do not have any type of delivery format of this free content, you can count several platforms that can fulfill that role:

sell digital products


Create content that your audience easily consumes.

Direct the contents to the segments where you intend to act, remembering that at this point you will also need a well-defined buyer person so that the texts are in fact relevant.

(If you have any questions about the type of text you need to create for your blog, read our text with 13 suggestions for writing more attractive content.)


We know that YouTube is one of the most used search tools in the world. With that in mind, using that tool can further boost your reach.

The market trend is the drastic growth of video consumption. Then, invest in content in that format as well.

Remember that you must have to think exactly as your audience. Therefore, only publish some content that you would consume without thinking twice.



Facebook is in first place in the ranking of social networks most consumed in the world to sell digital products.

The creation of a Fanpage in which you can disseminate the contents created in other platforms is a super valid strategy to sell digital products!

sell digital products


Do not kid yourself: Instagram is one of the biggest promises for the digital market in 2019. So, now start to include that tool in your strategies to sell digital products and it comes first next year!

Remember: do not limit yourself to using one or two content delivery options, they should be complementary.

And, regardless of the way your content will be offered, remember: the key to your success is perseverance. So, keep a well-defined frequency of publications so you can hook your audience well!

sell digital products

2. Have a high conversion Sales Page to sell digital products

Have you already heard the phrase: “The first impression is what counts”?

Then, think of your landing page as the showcase for your product.

This needs to be pleasant, have elements that break the objections of your buyer, be attractive and mainly have good content.

It is also important that the landing page be responsive since the movement of content consumption via mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) in the digital market has grown explosively in recent years.

Using landing pages is a fundamental strategy when you want to work with the capture of leads, which are the potential buyers of your product.

We will assume that you offer an ebook as a reward for the email of those interested in your content. That is the page for which they will be directed.

It is worth noting that for all the information you obtain, you need to have the client’s authorization. This is what we have called permission marketing or permission marketing, in which the lead guarantees that it is interested in continuing to receive emails because it likes the content that you offer.

3. Sell transformation, not price

Start the enchantment process of your product having the “price” as your biggest sales argument is a shot, you can be sure of that.

Once again, think like your audience:

  • What do you love?
  • What is it that captivates you?
  • How would you like to be treated by a sales representative?
  • What makes you return to a store or establishment?

The answers are many, but I can summarize them in two: experience and transformation.

If you guide your speech in those two words and how your product can charm and transform your buyer, there is no way to fail.

Sincerity ahead: detail what you are going to deliver, make it clear what the purpose of the product is and never offer something you do not have.

Remembering that enchantment and transformation extend throughout the trajectory: presale, sale and after sale.

It does not do you any good to love until the buyer has filled out your purchase information at the checkout if your post sale does not offer the same charm.

Make your buyer an ambassador for your brand!

sell digital products

4. Participate in an Affiliate Program to sell digital products

Before talking a bit more about this strategy to sell a digital product, take a look at this video of Maíra explaining more about Affiliate Marketing: what is it and how to make money from it? In this Hotmart Tips:

One of the biggest advantages of the digital market is the possibility of scaling up sales in such a way that you never imagined it. And it is at this point that the Affiliate Program is a differential.

I always dare to say that the use of the Affiliate Program is definitely a business moment.

If your product already has sensational content that your customers consume and praise, if you have a well-defined buyer, if you already have enough numbers to know where you need to work to achieve amazing results, this is the time!

Working in collaboration with Affiliates, making your product attractive, with a good commission and prizes to feed your Affiliate base, there is no mistake!

Your chances of increasing sales are much higher, since in addition to applying all the strategies to sell your product, you will also have other sales specialists doing the same.

By applying at least one of these three strategies, you can easily sell digital products through online. You will notice a relevant difference in your business. But the four o’clock combo is success!

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