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What Should You Do If You Have a Broken Toenail?

Although toenails for many people are something to decorate and show off in the summer, for your body they also have a practical use. They are there as a shield, to protect the skin beneath the nail as well as the surrounding tissues.

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Although toenails are tough, they can still become damaged, and this makes them more susceptible to other problems. It can be that a toenail becomes cracked due to an accident such as something being dropped on the foot, or it might be due to the nail being thinner or having an infection.

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A cracked toenail is usually the result of something else. If an injury has occurred that has caused the nail to crack for example, then you should go to a doctor to check for other issues such as broken bones in the toe or in the foot.

If it is caused by a fungal infection, then visiting someone like this podiatrist Gloucester based company can help to get the problem under control and get it cleared up.

If you have cracked your toenail or the nail has come off the first thing to do is to make sure that it is clean. Wash it with warm salt water to get rid of any debris and to ensure that it is clear of any bacteria that might cause an infection.

Once you have done this you need to keep the nail protected with a plaster until it heals, especially if the nail bed is exposed.

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