5 Types of Insurance You Should Shop for Online

Sometimes you really need the advice of an insurance agent. This is particularly true if you are adding a young driver to your auto policy, you live near a flood zone , or you operate a large or risky business. However, there are times when buying an insurance policy online can be quicker, easier, and cheaper. So, even if you end up purchasing through a broker, it may be worth checking prices on these types of policies online first.

Horse or Livestock Insurance

If you have a horse or other livestock at your house, you will want to get a horse insurance quote. These policies can cover accidents, property damage, medical emergencies and routine care, and even ranch operations.

Dental Discount Policies

There are some great dental and vision coverage options that are available direct to consumers. Many of these are actually discount programs instead of insurance, but they may still be able to save you a substantial amount of money over not having any insurance at all.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can protect your family financially in the event of your death, and companies are working to make it very easy for you to get a new policy. So, while you may not be able to complete the entire process online, you probably can go from application to covered from the comfort of your own home.

Vehicle Coverage

Car insurance is something that everyone who drives must carry. Whether you are looking for a minimalist liability-only policy or a more robust comprehensive plan with an umbrella policy, you can find one online. Most major insurance companies provide quotes online, and some will even send your ID cards with the same or next day coverage by email.

Homeowners Insurance

For many people, buying a homeowners or renters insurance policy is as simple as logging on to their insurance company’s website. A good idea is to start with the one that issues your auto policy since they may offer a multi-policy discount.

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