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The 8 best mp3 players

If you want to listen to music without having to be connected to the internet, the best thing you can do is have a good mp3 player at your disposal. It will allow you to carry all your music and enjoy a great autonomy. If you have decided, know the best mp3 today.

Scandisk MP3 Player

This brand is of very good quality and we can verify this with this player. It can be acquired with different storage capacities. It will depend on the number of songs you want to include inside. Remember, music with this format takes up little space, although it is true that you always want to put more music. I invite you not to be short on storage.

The size is small and the design is simple, but I assure you that you will feel very comfortable using it. It can be acquired in different colors and offers a range of almost a whole day with each recharge. The recharges are quite fast so you can enjoy it when it really interests you.

Mp3 player without sound loss

If you are looking for a large autonomy between load and load, this option will come in handy. The player will allow you to enjoy more than a hundred hours of autonomy, which means that you will almost forget that you have to carry it.

I like it a lot because it offers good sound quality, quality is not lost because of the music stored inside it. It has the option to play music in different formats. It has an internal memory of 8GB, but can be expanded up to 64GB, that is, music will not be missing at any time. And with its small screen it will be easier to choose the song you want at any time.

AGPTEK MP3 player

A really small player, thanks to the fact that it does not include a screen. This allows it to be much more comfortable to wear. In this case it has an internal memory of 8GB, but for the price it has is a good option if you are not one of the people who want to take hundreds of discs in the mp3.

It has a miniclip so you can attach it to your pocket or pants and take it outside with more comfort. Handling it is very easy, you can easily move from one song to another. And since it’s very light, you will not even know you’re carrying it.

Mp3 Player Victure

A player that will make you fall in love from the first minute. It has a very nice design and since it is not too big, controlling it will be really simple. You should know that it includes a small screen that will allow you to choose just the song you want to listen to.

It has other extras such as the option to listen to the radio or use it with bluetooth headphones. Or you can even attach it to a pedometer with bluetooth technology, although it will have to be from the same brand to work properly. The internal memory is 16GB, but it can be expanded to 128GB.

Sony Walkman Mp3 Player

The headphones have been modernized and today are a true mp3 player as we can see with this version of Sony. They do not have any boxes, so you’ll just have to put on your headphones and start enjoying the music that you like the most. It can be a good option to play sports with them.

They have a capacity of 4GB, it is not much, but you can carry enough recorded music. It has a fast charging system and a large autonomy, specifically it will last about 12 hours. Do not forget that they can be used in water, as long as it does not exceed two meters deep.

Mp3 Player Ueleknight

With a traditional design and similar to the traditional mp4, it is another option that will give you good results from the first minute. It has a capacity of 16GB internal so you can save a lot of music inside.

It has a high quality system that together with good headphones you can enjoy music that you like without problems. It is very easy to change the song and it has a screen that makes it more interesting. That yes, so that the autonomy is superior, the screen must be used as little as possible.

Vorstik Mp3 Player

A model that little by little is becoming famous for its design and above all for its quality price. It is a good option to enjoy a good sound anywhere.

Inside you can find a large battery that will give you a range of about 100 hours or so. It has an internal memory of 8GB, although it is true that it can be expanded up to 128GB, that is, you can carry all the music you want without problems. Remember, it is a Hifi player, that is, the sound quality will be assured. Even when the battery levels are low.

Sports Mp3 Player

To finish I recommend a simple and sporty player that will be of great help when training. It has a high quality headphones and the device will allow you to enjoy a good sound quality.

It has bluetooth technology to make everything easier and can play a wide range of formats. It even has an FM radio in case you get tired of listening to the songs that you have recorded inside. Includes a clip to offer you a better grip and consequently a better experience.

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