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7 jobs that will sweep in the future

There are bad times for traditional jobs . Professions that a few years ago seemed good today are doomed to extinction. Technology advances very fast and we must be prepared for the major changes that the labor market will suffer . What will be the jobs that will sweep in the future? We have made some predictions.

These are the jobs that will sweep in the future


It is very likely that the health sector will undergo major changes in the coming years. Public health is collapsed, with kilometer waiting lists for certain specialists. The private health insurance either end to solve the problem. Given this situation, independent professionals who provide their services online can have a high demand.


The answer to many of our questions is in our genes. This profession already has a great boom in the actuality, and it will not go to less, it will be one of those works that will devastate in the future. The most futuristic health is to identify and prevent the diseases that a person can develop over the years. At the beginning it will be expensive and only some privileged people will be able to pay for it, but when it finishes arriving at public health it will take an army of geneticists.


The education is another sector that will suffer more changes in the future. Regulated education is left behind as the business world advances. The universities do not finish adjusting their offers to the demands of the companies and, consequently, more and more students decide to improve their knowledge with digital teachers .

An example for you to understand: almost no university teaches you how to use Facebook Ads effectively, but perhaps an expert in the field offers you an online course that, without being regulated training, will allow you to master this type of ads.


The rise of online business is unquestionable. More and more entrepreneurs change the offline world for online, and there the rules are different. For this reason, virtual assistants, people who can offer some kind of support to these businesses, whether in accounting, web design, computer maintenance …, will be in high demand .


Not only digital businesses will need assistants; also the people. In the world that we have lived, the only way to have more free time is to buy it . Pay someone to make the purchase? To help children with homework? To take the car to pass the ITV? To clean the house? We promise a great future to the profession of personal assistant, without a doubt, another of those works that will sweep in the future.


The progress of home automation in recent years has been unstoppable, so everything suggests that people capable of developing and keeping these new appliances in good working order will be needed . The arrival in the Apple sector and Google with its virtual assistants will further popularize this sector and make it grow more quickly.


The finance sector will also suffer profound advances and the figure of the coach or analyst who helps people and companies to manage their money will be very important. Possibly Artificial Intelligence, in the form of robber advisors , fails to solve one hundred percent of the savings and investment problems of humans. Creativity and ingenuity will continue to be necessary for many issues.

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