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Did you know that one of the most common complaints from those that sit at a computer desk all day long for their jobs is back problems? These issues with both your lower and upper back areas as well as problems with the shoulders and neck as well as headaches and arms complaints. The problems all occur due to the amount of time that we spend sat down and more often than not sat in chairs that are not fitted correctly or intended for daily computer use. You should ensure that you always use Operator Chairs from businesses such as to make sure that you are sitting in the correct position at your desk. You can also ask for your work health and safety department or occupational health specialists to carry out a desk assessment for you. During these assessments they will check your seating position and make changes to your desk and computer layout to make sure that you are not putting undue pressure on your back, legs and neck.

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If you work in a very sedentary job, particularly sat at a desk or computer it is important that get up and walk around as often as is possible. This helps to optimise your circulation and prevent muscle strains,cramps and problems from occurring.

You can also take part in some simple exercises and stretched whilst sat at your desk. This may include stretching out your legs and circling your ankles, stretching your arms above your head and out in front of you and circling your wrists. Desk yoga is becoming more and more popular and incorporates some simple stretches that can help to loosen up your muscles and tendons as well as helping with that mid-afternoon slump that many of us experience. One simple yoga inspired exercise to do is to place your hands on your hips and rotate slowly from one side to another. You can do this whilst sitting at your desk or stood up. This twisting action is particularly good at helping to alleviate lower back pain and is essential for those that are prone to sciatica issues.The sciatic nerve is the largest in the body and can easily be aggravated, which is why daily movement is paramount for these individuals.

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So, if you find yourself sitting down for long periods of the day look for moments where you can get up and walk around or even simply stretch and bend to relieve your muscles of any strains and cramps.

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