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Is It Possible To Have Your Business Phone Within Your Normal One?

Businessmen and women are continuously busy and always on the go, travelling from one meeting to another. With internal and external communication being a key part of business, having a business phone inside a normal one would be ideal. But is this possible? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is Bring Your Own Device?

Bring your own device, otherwise known as BYOD, is the solution to having your Cheap business phone inside your day-to-day phone. It allows employees to use their mobile for business and personal purposes, instead of having two separate phones.

How Does BOYD Work?

A simple app can be downloaded onto your personal mobile phone, so employees can receive calls and messages from clients and colleagues wherever they are. The app is the simplest way for employees to receive business calls on their personal mobile phones.

Benefits Of Using BOYD

Not only does BOYD benefit employees, but companies too. The app will mean that there is no high capital cost of company headsets, including insurance, repair and replacement costs. Businesses and their employees can keep track of all business calls, so everyone can remain updated.

The app works on any network and smartphone, so employees don’t have to change their device and can easily get started with the app after downloading it. What’s more, employees don’t have to use their personal call plans, so it won’t charge them extra or waste their available usage. This app also means that employees don’t have to carry two phones around or be stuck at their desk, so even if they are at a meeting, they can make/ answer important phone calls. Once the app is downloaded on the phone, it will keep the personal phone number private, so new and potential clients won’t have access to personal numbers/details. Lastly, the app means that employees can use the device they are most comfortable with when they call clients and colleagues.

The app replaces the need for business owners and IT managers to supply employees with phones, thus saving bot time and money. Every employee gets their own call plan and a separate number, including other beneficial features. These include:

  • A choice of phone numbers – find a number that is most appropriate for the individual employee.
  • Integrated do not disturb functionality – allows employees to switch off business calls when at home.
  • High quality calls – calls are handled via the GSM network for high quality and clear calls.
  • New business voicemail – have a voicemail that is separate from your personal voicemail message to streamline management of messages.
  • Contracts directory – keep all business contacts in one place in a separate place from personal contacts.
  • Dedicated call plan – you will never use your personal mobile minutes.
  • Differentiated ringtone – using different ring tones for business calls and personal calls will allow employees to differentiate between the two.
  • Call history tracking – you can view in and outbound business calls separately from personal call records.

So, it is possible to have your business phone within your normal one and it comes with several benefits. Make the switch today and make your work more streamline and easy.

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