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5 Google Approved SEO Tips

When looking to optimise your website, some several tips and tricks can be used to play into the Google Algorithm. But with so many options come the question of where do you start? In this article, we will be providing you with our choice for the top 5 Google-approved SEO tips.

Quality Content Is Essential

When looking at the quality of the content it is important to ensure that it is fully optimised. Not only does it need to have the correct keywords within it, but it is also important to make sure that the content is the right length that was agreed with the client. This can help to boost your ranking within Google search results as well as tailoring your content to the chosen target audience for the best level of engagement.

Choose Keywords And Phrases Carefully

In addition to ensuring that the content is of the best quality, it is also important to choose your keywords and phrases as carefully as possible. This will ensure that you get the maximum amount of engagement for relevant keywords to help increase the amount of organic traffic. There are several ways that you can go about boosting your keyword rankings, one of which is enlisting the help of a digital marketing company. A marketing agency has the knowledge that you need to make the right decisions and ensure that the keywords are fully optimised. It is this experience that will prove valuable and may even aid you when it comes to optimising for voice search.

Optimising Website Images

In addition to fully optimising content, it is important to ensure that your images are optimised. By ensuring that they have an alt tag. Adding these tags will ensure that your images are fully optimised and can aid in boosting the Google rankings. If every image and logo is fully optimised this can aid in the overall functioning of your website and can ensure that your customers can find everything that they need in a small but simple space, making it stand out.

Optimise Older Content

In addition to ensuring that the new content is optimised, it may be worth going back through and optimising the old content. This is a huge benefit to you as this will boost the rankings on specific pages. Whether it is a product page or the content on the FAQ page, refreshing it with the right keywords can benefit you in the long term whilst helping to improve the look of your website and keep people coming back. This is crucial to the success of your business and can ensure that your website is as optimised as possible without spending too much money.

Optimise For Mobile Devices

The final way that you can improve your SEO to your website is to optimise for mobile devices. With over 65% of searches taking place on mobile devices, there are several reasons for you to ensure you have a completely functional mobile version of your website. With mobile-first indexing ranking those with a mobile site higher than those without, it is important to ensure you have a mobile website as this will rank significantly higher than those of your competitors that do not have a mobile version of their site.

Whether you are designing a new website and need to optimise for SEO or you are just looking to alter your strategy to get the most out of the keywords that you are targeting, there are several ways that you can better your SEO strategy in the long term.

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