Living in the modern day, medieval City of Worcester

Located in the West Midlands close to the River Severn is the medieval City of Worcester, with its stunning Cathedral that houses Royal Tombs, cloisters and a crypt.  Living now, in the modern-day City, in which the environment is at the forefront of every conversation on every doorstep of every household, means doing their bit to promote Green, sustainable Energy sources. Investing in a local, professional specialist company such as who provide high-specification Solar Panels Worcester is one way in which the growing population of just over 87,000 inhabitants of the City are doing their bit to help combat Climate Change and Global Warming.

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Worcester is a City that’s very proud of its Three Choirs Festival that takes place every three years, this iconic and world-renowned extravaganza dates back to the 18th Century.  Championing English music particularly the famous composers, Gustav Holst, Vaughn Williams and Elgar.  There are three main green spaces in the City that are easily accessible for the residents and their families and friends to enjoy, these are The Fort Royal Park, Cripplegate Park and Gheluvelt Park.

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Having continued access to these beautiful Green spaces in the future depends on this modern generation drastically cutting carbon emissions, stopping the use of Fossil Fuels and embracing Solar Energy by investing in this natural, sustainable method of providing electricity. Working in harmony with a specialist local Solar company the families of Worcester City are certainly doing their part to help protect the fragile environment.

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