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Protect Your Home When Storms Hit

Bad weather is a part of winter, but we have had a lot of it over the past few months! As a seemingly endless parade of storms arrives to bring wind and rain to the UK, we have seen a lot of damage to properties as the bad weather wreaks havoc over the country.

If you are concerned about your home, here are some things that you should keep an eye on to reduce the risk of damage from stormy weather…

Your Roof – Being at the top of the house a roof can take quite a battering during a storm. Things to be particularly cautious of are tiles and chimneys. Older homes particularly should be taken good care of and should have regular roof inspections to check that nothing is loose or in danger of collapse!

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The Garden Fence – Many fences blow down in a storm and this doesn’t only make it a danger for someone who is unfortunate enough to be hit by one, but also makes your garden less secure. If your fence is not looking particularly sturdy, it is best to have it replaced by a professional like this fencing Leicester based company.

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Drains and Gutters – During periods of heavy rain, pressure can be put on the gutters and the drains. Making sure that your gutters are attached properly and are not blocked is something that you should check regularly and repair before bad weather if possible.

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