On trial: Jeep Wrangler interior, the perfect evolution

On trial: Jeep Wrangler interior, the perfect evolution

Jeep Wrangler interior– The fourth generation of the best all-terrain in history emphasizes improving some aspects in favor of driving quality, equipment and experience of use, closer to that of an SUV without losing an iota of its capabilities out of the way. It remains unbeatable.

There are few models that can boast of being recognizable practically all over the world just because of their silhouette. I immediately come to mind three: the famous vochito. The Porsche 911 and the Jeep, the icon of the all-terrain.

And all, although they remain true to their principles, were not oblivious to evolve. From environmental. And safety regulations, to technology and connectivity, none of them stayed on the sidelines to a greater or lesser extent.

Intelligently, over the years, FCA has known how to take advantage of this last silhouette to make it the reference for 4 × 4 cars, not only. Because of its capabilities. But also because it has provided an adventurous lifestyle. Whoever wants to leave the asphalt, knows that the best option is a Jeep.

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But in addition, the brand has added an additional value as a product of daily use thanks to the four doors. With a more than competent trunk and a level of compliant equipment. With many variants ranging from the very capable of the unbeatable.

And despite all this, this new generation pays special attention to the points necessary to make it a more comfortable, spacious, refined Jeep; with better materials.

And a level of equipment never before seen; enormous ease of use in conditions of extreme use outside the road. And, above all, a small aesthetic retouching that makes it even more attractive for those who already were in love with him.

This is the Jeep Wrangler interior, captivating in each of its new details. And is that, let’s be honest, with this car Jeep must do the perfect things, without margin of error.

Improvement in all aspects

Jeep Wrangler interior

The first thing we notice is that, evidently it is still a Jeep, but it changes practically in everything. Acquire a more modern look via a grill with some 3D work of the seven vertical lines, although with a small inclination and includes small bright edges. The new LED lights offer a very attractive design and the RDL are also technologically advanced.

The chest also changes, is more robust and the windshield is slightly more inclined. What most caught our attention, is that the word Jeep disappears from the front of the car, it is reserved only for the sides and the rear, but does not someone knows what car it is?

Behind the skulls are prominent in the body as new technologies allow the Wrangler to add blind spot monitoring system, but for this they required to project the skulls and, at the same time, take as a basis the design of some fuel drums illuminated by led technology.

If we talk about its measures, a fundamental part is that its wheelbase grows more than six cm and more than eight in the total length. This with the idea of ​​further enhancing their performance out of the way. The height with respect to the floor has also been improved: this Sahara has a distance of 24.6cm and tires of combined use between highway and out of the way.

More than what I expected

Inside really surprised the combination of soft materials with good finished plastics. The best thing is that they are all easy to clean. and resistant to dust / water / mud, where it is supposed to be your ideal terrain.

There are also very soft leather seats, comfortable to make the day to day quite comfortable. But the best thing is the atmosphere that is breathed: everything looks rough. But technological, with chrome inserts and very interesting resources like screws on all sides to give the Roughness and solidity. And the truth is that it is what it transmits, an atmosphere that would allow us to survive a zombie apocalypse.

If we talk about space, it is good for five adults with an excellent trunk. Includes latch type anchor and a roll bar painted to the color of the body and with integrated speakers to remove roof and doors to have full contact with nature.

A detail that is greatly appreciated, especially for fans of the brand, are the famous “easter eggs” or Easter eggs, those little secrets or messages “hidden” in the design of the car that show design or iconic Jeep moments, in the wheels, windshields, doors, gas cap and several more etceteras. It becomes a whole experience to go looking for one after another.

To all this we must add a touch screen with the latest Uconnect system. But with a look and feel very jeepero. In addition to having connectivity with bluetooth, Android Auto. And Apple Car Play, navigator, compass and other details, add an “Off Road Pages” (remembering the Performance Pages of the Dodge SRT) where we can check the angles of attack. And lateral and operation of the 4 × 4 traction system.

This system is called Command Trac and consists of a gearbox with two reductions. And a central electronic block of the difference. We can choose between 2H, 4H and 4L. I like to keep the lever, it continues to give that character of rudeness.


For example. Although the 3.6-liter V6 from the Pentastar of 286hp (which now goes into manufacturing in Mexico) is maintained. The compression increases from 10.2: 1 to 11.3 to 1 to leave the torque at 260 lb / ft. In addition.

This generation is coupled with a new transmission of eight changes. And the start / stop system to improve consumption a bit. Officially it delivers 7.5 km / l in the city and 9.6 km / l in the highway.

All this allows the Wrangler a more rested march and have much better start response.

The box has rather the focus of being in the relationship and engine range with better torque delivery.

This adds a more vivacious flavor. And giving more confidence in curves. Also the turning radius is shorter, adding in favor of a more precise handling with increasing dimensions.

Chest and a mixture between magnesium and aluminum for the rear door. And thus reduce its weight up to 50kg compared to the previous one.

And while our acceleration and braking tests do not overshadow any sports car. We must recognize that it is more controllable at all times and the braking distance is due more to the smooth suspension travel we have when braking. As well as huge tires that they remain effective for this type of tests. Thought more with a utility out of the way.

We are before a true icon of the automotive world. What Jeep has conceived with this JL generation is to recognize. Because they do not lose the focus of keeping intact and even improved their abilities out of the way. But add a lot of comfort on board for families that like this type of products that allow us to escape, literally, traffic and stress to do everything in town.

Out of the way the Wrangler invites us to take the time to enjoy the environment . And how we can reach the most remote places.

Jeep Wrangler interior

  • Engine: V6, 3.6L, 286hp and 260lb / ft
  • Transmission Automatic 8 relations
  • 6 relationships manual
  • Official consumption: Combined: 8.34 km / l
  • Consumption in tests City: 5.6 km / l
  • Trunk 890L
  • * 0 to 100 km / h: 9s
  • * 100 to 0 km / h: 6m

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