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When we talk about design and construction we know that over the years the elements used, as well as their price, have been modified, the first improving and the last many times in ascent. But there is one that remains in time with the same characteristics (mostly great advantages) whose price does not vary much with time: wood.

Preferred material to build due to its extreme resistance to extreme climates, easy access and the versatility it gives us when defining styles, is what makes it a classic that is always renewed. The wooden houses are presented in many styles, from the classic cabin, with more urban style to the most avant-garde designs. In this opportunity we present 9 reasons to choose wood as a construction material.

Is wood the best option?

If the budget is the main problem, wood can be the best solution. Wood is a material that, compared to other employees in construction, is the most accessible. When this material is used, the construction usually takes less time, so it is one of the most chosen also for this reason.

Places for a wooden house

The versatility of wood is not only seen on the side of style, but also for its adaptability to any climate. Of course, depending on the climate of the place where the house is built, the type of wood will be chosen; There are different varieties and some resist more cold than others, but a great advantage is that a wooden house can be adapted to any place, so let’s forget the classic wooden house in the middle of the snow, because you can also enjoy it the city.


One of the most sought after advantages when using wood as a construction material is its ability to modify or repair it. When we have a wooden house, enlarge it, add rooms or transform an existing one becomes much easier, because that of pulling down a wall does not exist, at the most we must add new bases that support the new walls.


Although when we think of a wooden house the first thing that comes to mind are the classic brown cabins, we should not stay in that image. An option that we must take into account is to color the wood, a classic that gives modern airs to a wooden house are pastel colors, as in the project of Archirost that not only runs the classic wood color but also it allows more illumination from the outside.

Wood and glass

If something characterizes modern designs is the presence of natural lighting inside the homes. A wooden house with large glass windows offers the interior the feeling of greater warmth and spaciousness.

Two floors

A wooden house with two floors can be converted into a modern dwelling with glass details. A wooden house finished in darker tones is a great design that does not envy elegance to any other construction. The details can make a classic wooden house a house with style and elegance.

Wood and stone

A combination that is the most beautiful is the wood and stone, probably because of the contrast generated by the warmth of the wood with the coldness of the stone. This duo is one of the most chosen for lovers of nature and design. There is no doubt that a house with a wooden and stone facade does not go unnoticed.

A must when it comes to building wood is the varnish. Painting our transparent varnish woods will achieve extra protection to the color and the material itself, both from the humidity and from the sun. Whenever wood is used it will be better to invest in the protection and prevention of possible damages since later repairing them will cost more expensive.

Gable roof

A roof to two waters is a classic that always looks good, gives the house more impressive airs and without a doubt, for those who live inside, offers more space and higher walls, which translates into greater comfort.

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