5 tricks to make the enamel last longer

If your polish does not last long and you want to show off your nails for longer, follow these simple tips to make the polish more durable

Many times when painting our nails, the first days look super nice and bright, but then when a few days pass it is possible that the enamel layer begins to peel, especially at the tips of the nails and this causes your hands They look badly arranged. Unfortunately the only solution for these moments is to remove the enamel and repaint the nails, something that can be very expensive and often we do not have time to be doing this exercise all the time.

The quality of the product that we apply is very important, influencing the length of time and the finish of the nails, for this reason the better the enamel we will give a better look to our hands and will adhere better to the nails lasting longer . Many do not go to a hairdresser to do the manicure and we do it from home for this reason here we give you some tricks to help you to fix the enamel better and to last, enjoying perfect hands for much longer.

Tips to make the enamel last longer

1. Clean your nails very well before painting them, since the dirt, grease and impurities that are deposited on the nails, make the enamel does not adhere in the best way to the nail. Wash your hands very well and rub each nail with a cotton impregnated with enamel remover before applying makeup.

2. If your nails are very dry or damaged by the use of cleaning products that affect the natural PH of your skin, such as kitchen soaps, dust, etc., the surface of the nails tends to become somewhat porous and the enamel does not It is fixed perfectly. For this reason apply a moisturizer on your hands minutes before using the enamel, try that the cream is not greasy to prevent the nails are poorly painted and become lumps in the enamel.

3. Many times the nails do not have a smooth surface and for this reason when applying the enamel you can also form grumitos or reliefs, in the market there are files to polish and brighten the surface of the nails. Before applying the polish with a sandpaper or a polishing file and a little warm water rubs on the nails gently, another option is to apply a thin layer of nail base before placing the color layer, in addition to making the enamel lasts longer, you will prevent the nails from staining if you use dark colored enamels and also protect the nails, preventing them from splitting. In the market there are many special bases for each type of nails, for example garlic bases, lemon, for brittle nails, weak and even for people who usually eat them.

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4. One of the reasons why the enamel flakes easily, is because it is not applied correctly, since the way to do it is from the root to the tips making vertical movements, trying not to go more than once through the same place and do not apply much product in a single layer to prevent the formation of those famous nuggets that remain on the nails. You can apply a second layer of enamel but when the first is completely dry or at least it has been a while.

5. Many times the enamel with the passage of time or by having closed it badly, tends to dry and this will cause clumps to form on the nails and the brush will be very stiff preventing the nails from being well made up. In the market there are products indicated to dissolve the enamel called enamel diluents, which with a few droplets of product the enamel returns to its normal state and you can apply it as usual, but if you want a homemade solution you can heat the enamel to the bain marie for a few minutes.


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