Renting an Apartment
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What You Should Know Before Renting an Apartment

You’re getting the keys to your first apartment—but what information do you need to know beforehand? This can be an exciting time depending on your situation, but it’s important to know what information you should be aware of before moving into a place of your very own. Whether you’re moving with friends, roommates, or alone, there are a few situations to be aware of before committing to an apartment.

Renting an Apartment

What To Do When You’re Locked Out

You return home to your apartment and suddenly realize your keys are on your bedside table inside the house. No one is home to let you inside the apartment, and your roommate is out of town for the weekend. You have a few options depending on your apartment, including contacting your landlord for a master key to the apartment or calling an Orlando locksmith.

Can You Break the Lease or Sublease

Another important thing to know is how secure your lease is. Many lease contracts will tell you upfront if you are allowed to leave your lease for any reason, and how much it will cost. Even if you have no plans to leave your lease in the beginning, life can change and you will want to know your options. Having the ability to sublease your apartment to others if you decide to move out can be a helpful tool that not all apartment complexes allow, so be sure to know this information when signing your lease.

Are Pets Allowed

Although you might not have a furry best friend now, knowing whether you’re allowed to have pets and what kinds can be an important aspect of apartment living. If your roommate decides to adopt a cat, you’ll want to know if you need to pay any additional deposits for the apartment before they bring their pet home. This can help you avoid having your security deposit taken later on, or even being evicted from the apartment.

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