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What are the best vacuum cleaner robots Roomba


Roomba robots are increasingly popular around the world as they are functional, silent, efficient and very practical cleaning devices that allow us to save time and keep our homes and offices very clean. Our best professionals have selected the best Roomba robots available this new year in the market. Keep reading to find out which are the best roomba robots today.

Roomba robot with infrared

The first Roomba robot alternative that we have chosen for this collection is a very elegant Rowenta option with nice black finishes that will clean your home or your office perfectly. It is a Roomba robot of first quality that works by infrared and that incorporates efficient security measures to avoid all types of accidents. Finally, it should also be noted that it is a Roomba robot with a motorized brush and a highly compact design.

Robot Roomba vacuum cleaner and mop

The second Roomba robot chosen by our experts is a powerful first quality device that will vacuum and scrub the floors of your house while you are at work or simply enjoying your leisure time as it is a programmable robot with the best guarantees of possible safety and quality . This robot roomba also passes the mop and sweeps and will not have any type of accident because it incorporates an intelligent navigation system and also has many built-in safety measures to clean up in the most complicated corners.

Robot Roomba passes hard floors

If you are looking for a Roomba robot of first quality that you can use with the hardest floors with the best quality guarantees this device is just what you were looking for. It is a robot that incorporates the cleaning system to three phases, which will give you a suction up to five times better than normal. It also has two rubber brushes for efficient cleaning and incorporates a practical security system.

Robot Roomba for pets

If what you need is a Roomba robot of great quality with which to be able to clean very effectively any corner of your home you will love this device that incorporates an efficient system of cleaning in three phases that cleans all kinds of dirt being without a doubt the best alternative for people who have dogs and cats. It also works with just pressing the clean button so it is very easy to use and has a self-adjusting head of first quality.

Robot Roomba for carpets

Continuing with the Roomba robots of first quality this device is perfect to clean the carpets because it has a cleaning system in three phases that makes it the perfect device to eliminate from large dirt to the smallest particles passing through the pet hair. This robot incorporates a cleaning head that can be adjusted perfectly to different needs to use two brushes when necessary and allows you to schedule the cleaning of the home or office with total comfort and the best guarantees.

Robot Roomba controllable by smartphone

If what you need is a Roomba robot that you can control from your smartphone to manage it from work or from any corner of the home this device that you can program with the Ecovacs app is just what you need. It has an efficient cleaning program in three stages, it incorporates a mode with a great suction power and will also work for a hundred minutes in a row without having to charge your battery at all.

Robot Roomba with mapping

Finally our experts have chosen a Roomba robot of first quality that besides managing with an app incorporates the best possible technology with mapping for an intelligent navigation and also comes with memory and with sensors of turn and proximity to avoid any kind of shock. This modern robot sweeps, vacuums and scrubs the floor with the best guarantees and you can also program it with total comfort.

How to choose the best Roomba robot

When selecting this type of device, such as the Roomba 866 , we recommend that you mainly evaluate the same characteristics as when choosing a traditional vacuum cleaner, such as, for example, the power and functionality of this type of device.

Although these are mini vacuum cleaners, the vacuum cleaner or robot roomba that we are going to choose should have a good suction power if we really want to clean the home efficiently.

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