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Google Doubles Free Storage on Its Google Play Music Service

Google has decided to substantially increase the free storage limit to save songs on its Play Music service. Google Play Music in its Premium variant landed and then little has been said about the service, here and generally everywhere, until now, because it turns out that in the last few hours those of the search engine has decided to substantially increase the free storage limit for songs in it.

Google play music service storage increased

Going into details, Google Play Music users could store in the service up to a maximum of 20,000 songs of their own, a not inconsiderable figure that as of now becomes more than double, specifically 50,000 songs. The best? Well, apart from the increase itself, they have automatically applied it to all those who have a user on the platform and songs stored on it. If not, then you can join Play Music and take advantage of all the free music storage space:

Access the URL and log in with your Google account if asked (you may also be asked to accept a document of terms and conditions and choose between the standard or paid version of the service, stick with the first).
Having done the above, the service will guide you through a series of steps to install the software you need (either a Chrome extension or Music Manager) so that you can upload music to it.

Done, then it will jump to a page that offers the possibility of uploading iTunes tracks to Play Music or a specific folder on your computer and they will begin to be added to the “My Music” section of your service account.

On the other question that more than one will be doing, what advantages does exactly what we have seen, there are two clear: you will have your entire music library in the cloud so that the possibility of losing it disappears (if the physical support where the warehouse dies by H or by B, everything will be backed up by the service), and you can access it through mobiles, tablets and computers no matter where you are (only if you have a clear Internet connection).

So a good move by Google, because without much effort they have managed to make their music streaming and cloud storage service more interesting and hype. Time will tell if the competition responds, we imagine that it has since the movement has left everyone far behind (Apple’s iTunes Match offers storage for 25,000 songs, and it is not free, and Amazon Music only allows to store 250 for free).

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