Best financial credit union in this year of 2023
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Best financial credit union in this year of 2023

Read on this article for finding out the best financial credit union.

Credit unions is a nonprofit enterprise or businesses. In the US, there are approximately five thousand credit unions and have a large number of members about 125 million with an asset of $2 trillion. Credit unions usually offer a high interest rate which is better than the traditional banks. Moreover, it also offers loans, banking experience which is customer-focused, savings accounts, checking accounts, etc.

Credit unions are owned by their members. For keeping your money in the credit unions you require to become a member. However, for membership, there are strict requirements in many credit unions but in the best financial credit union, there have lax rules on joining.

Check out the best available credit unions in your area.

Alliant Credit Union (Best Overall)

Best for savings and checking

One of the largest credit unions all over the USA is Alliant Credit Union. This Chicago-based institution has an asset of over $12 billion and it is best for the savings account. However, Alliant has no branches and no participation in shared networking.

For savings, this institution offers an outstanding interest rate. Its highly-rated mobile app works on checking deposits, customer service, and managing accounts. Moreover, it has an eighty thousand ATM network where their member has the fee-free access.

If you want to join this CU, you will need to banking on an online basis. And, it pays 0.55% APY on the savings account, $20 per month on ATM fee rebates, no monthly fees on the checking interest-bearing accounts,

ACU has no restriction on membership. You’ll need just to pay a $5 fee on their nonprofit for membership.

Consumers Credit Union

Best for APY

Consumers Credit Union has a low rating in savings interest and it’s based in Illinois. On the other hand, their checking account interest is very high but you will need to use their credit card frequently.

For earning the most possible from the savings and checking balances try their rewards checking account. This account gives up to 4.09% annual percentage yield on balances up to $10,000. Moreover, it’s a part of a branching network (CO-OP shared) and along with 30,000 ATMs free access.

There is no restriction on membership, anyone can join here. A $5 membership fee and a $5 deposition on a share/saving account to get the CCU membership.

Navy Federal Credit UnionNavy Federal Credit Union

Best for military

Navy Federal Credit Union is the largest credit union by asset in the US. With over 300 branches this institution has a great reputation for its customer service.

This credit union provides free checking accounts, pays 0.25% APY on the savings account, ATM fee refund, etc.

Moreover, its mobile app rate is highly rated, a 24/7 customer service, any members have free access to their 30,000 ATMs. Only the military members and their families can join this credit union.


Credit unions have strong customer support. The credit union offers many services which make it a better option than any traditional bank. Choose that credit union where you can join easily, which is available national-wide, offers mobile services and quality financial products. We hope that this article was helpful.

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