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Successful cafeteria: how to boost sales

The food sector is one of the most active: from the natural snacks of a multinational network to the artisan bakery, there is no shortage of options for consumers and for businessmen. In that context, making money with a cafeteria  can be an arduous task, but quite palpable. Here are some recommendations to approach success.

The food market captivates entrepreneurs for various reasons. Among the main ones, we can mention:

– The consumer’s need to eat away from home

– Consumer’s pleasure in eating what they like without cooking

– Market receptive to different options

– Ease to create and manage the establishment

– Franchise models with varied options and professional management

And there are more advantages. In general, the food market has more durability, since, although the consumer chooses to eat more at home when money decreases, it is impossible to stop eating.

“The food sector has a very good performance. It is always one of the last affected by the instabilities of the economy . The franchise system makes the investment safer for entrepreneurs, “says Alexandre Guerra, CEO of Giraffas Brasil, a network of Brazilian coffee shops with more than 400 units that has even arrived in Florida.

According to a study carried out by the Pew Research Center in March 2015, there are 160,000 fast-food establishments in the United States in which 50 million Americans do some type of food on a daily basis.

How to set up a profitable coffee shop

As with any other business, the cafeteria must be economically viable . To do this, you must study the market -competition, suppliers and customers-, assembling a feasible business plan before starting to operate.


It is preferable to wait to open the cafeteria rather than rush the process and not know, in details, the characteristics of the target audience, the strengths and weaknesses of the competition and the profile of the region where you will install it. Who plans more, fails less.


The choice of location is crucial to the success of the establishment. Not because the competition is small you will succeed: you must analyze the region to understand the demand and find out if your audience frequents the place. Pay attention to specific schedules.


Here there is no secret: the food must be good . You should not improvise, offer hundreds of options or bet on sophistication: taste and cleanliness are more important. He prefers to adopt quality ingredients rather than elaborate supposedly refined dishes, but of dubious flavor. Remember to also deliver what was ordered in identical conditions to what was offered, in the shortest possible time.


The counter often does not get the attention it deserves. It is a key piece of the environment, as it translates the concept of the establishment through the visual identity of the cafeteria. Investing in a different and tasteful design will make a difference.

Cozy atmosphere

You must create an environment that is welcoming to all the public profiles that you would like to attend. From the student of the university who arrives only to open his notebook to study until the family that decided to interrupt the purchases and to take a snack.

Fair price

Analyze the competition and the quality of your food to establish a fair price. In general, the consumer will only accept to pay more if the product is really differentiated .


An agile , good-humored and kind attention is fundamental, even to minimize some shortcomings: treat the client with cordiality, trying to create the best possible experience.


It is essential for a good image of the cafeteria. Cleaning should reach all areas of the establishment, with special attention to the bathroom , the kitchen and the circulation area of ​​the clients.


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